Friday, July 7, 2017

Stay on Sale for $0.99!

Sometimes I take it for granted everyone follows my social media, so this is in case you haven't had a chance to read STAY my New Adult Paranormal Romance. For one more week, you can read for just .99 on Amazon (Free with Matchbook :) So if you aren't familiar with Rona and Cain's story, click on the pic above and have a gander. 

behind the scenes...

I wrote Stay while editing Silver Hollow back in '12/13, while I was going through something of a personal crisis. I had been through a string of bad relationships and "almost" relationships, but couldn't find any worthy men out there. There seemed to be a sad lack of genuine people in general in my sphere of the world. So I started asking myself if true love did exist, at least for me. I asked all the women in and out of my acquaintance, both lifelong friends and authors I aspired to. I was surprised and overwhelmed with the heartfelt response to my little survey. Nearly everyone I asked my three little questions, not only shared their stories, but went above and beyond. 

Which is why as you read Stay, you'll notice each chapter is headed by quotes from some of these lovely ladies. I couldn't include everyone. I may need to write a sequel finally for that lol.
So while I'd love to claim total credit for the magic that became Stay, I can't. It was a group effort. It was a life effort. Your experience blending with mine, all the emotion I wanted Rona to feel as the "savior" of true love.

This book renewed my belief in true love. It gave me hope. And I hope it gives you hope too, reader. May you be inspired and may you feel loved.

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