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Silver Hollow Tour Stops Excerpts: Day 10

Hey fantasy avengers! Wow, I can't believe we've already made it through to the end of the book tour. Thanks so much to everyone who has come along with us on this epic journey :) For those of you who are just now visiting, there are plenty of lovely blogs you can hop. Just scroll down my blog to discover past tour digests. And remember, it's not too late to enter the giveaway for some fun, bookish prizes!

1. Bookworm Lisa (One of my personal favorite bloggers) shared her lovely thoughts about Silver Hollow today. See her 4 star review below!

When I picked up this book, I thought it would be a typical fantasy book. I was wrong.  Jennifer Silverwood has created a book that has familiar elements but incorporates other stories into hers.

Amie is a woman who has faced many tragedies. She lost her parents at eighteen and her saving grace has been her best friends who watch out for her. Soon, the friends cannot do anything to save her from the danger that awaits her on the other side of the "veil" where she discovers her true heritage. 

I mentioned that this book incorporates elements that I wasn't expecting. Amie becomes a part of the Seelie and Unseelie world.  She has magic that has been hidden from her. This is a book where she uncovers one piece at a time her past and her heritage. There are also ancient tales that become part of her story. I was happy and surprised to find Arthur and Merlin as part of her story. (I grew up loving that story.) 

This book is full of intrigue, war between ancient legends, romance, and non-graphic violence. There are fade to black scenes of intimacy.


2. Mary of Stacking My Book Shelves, features a fun excerpt below:

They tumbled to the bottom of the hill and her heart felt as if it beat in her stomach. Besides a few aches and bruises, she was fine. The sky was a soft shade of cerulean and the distant rush of water sang in her ears. The Brit’s chest heaved beneath her and his heart beat in time with hers as they caught their breath. His hands were still tightly pressed to her flesh, as if he was afraid to let go. 

Heat built beneath her skin as she recovered her wits. She hadn’t been this close to a man before and she didn’t even know her Brit’s name. His strength was obvious behind the layers of clothes and Amie found she didn’t wish to move. 

“Well,” the Brit began, “that could have been a lot worse.” He released his hold and helped her stand on shaky legs before dusting off the sleeves of his trench coat. Rain began to fall unexpectedly overhead. Amie took him in, from his wet, upright mud-flecked black hair and his amused expression. 

“Are you crazy?” she snapped, “We almost died!” She hit his chest for emphasis. 

“Fine way to thank me for saving your life again,” he quipped with no small dose of sarcasm. 

“What did you expect me to say? Thank you so much for pulling me off that moving train. Now we’re stranded in the middle of God-knows-where. What am I supposed to do without my things? All I have is my…where is my bag?” Amie groaned as she paced a tight circle. Nothing but the hills above and forest behind them. The train continued further along up the hill, growing increasingly smaller and the reality of their situation filled her with wrath. 

“If you would only stop raving at me a second I could explain,” he spat back. 

“All my clothes—my letters—everything was on that train!”

He tucked his chin and she thought she saw pity in his eyes before he thumbed at the howling train. “Um, yeah, about that…” 

An explosion ripped the words from his mouth and roared in her ears.

3. Ms. J Mentions, English teacher, blogger and lovely person, shares her thoughts on her experience reading Silver Hollow. As a fellow book blogger, I've been in her shoes before. So I love that she took the time to still share her thoughts today. Thanks Jessa! 

Why I Can't Wait to Finish It

Normally, when you sign up to review a book as part of a tour people expect you to do that *insert feigned shock and awe here* Unfortunately, my life has been far too insane for me to do that this time around. I did, however, get a chance to start this book and I can tell you that I have not wanted to put it down since I started it. In fact, it has been soooo wonderful that I would feel like I'm doing Silverwood a HUGE disservice by not telling you exactly how captivating these first pages have been. Here are my top three reasons.

1. Silverwood knows how to use her words and isn't afraid to do so! There is a plethora of captivating similes and metaphors. She doesn't only present her audience with a beautiful story, she tells it masterfully.

2. Amie is a wonderfully written character. She seems to go against the grain, yet everything she does is for a perfectly practical reason. Seriously, though, who wears BRIGHT YELLOW to a funeral? Amie. And with good reason.

3. The sense of suspense and mystery are so flipping overwhelming. I HAVE to know how this ends. I honestly don't think I'll feel complete until I know. Silverwood's story definitely weaves its way into the reader's brain and has every intention of staying there until completed. Say goodbye to sleep.

Despite the insanity that life has been, a more complete review of this novel will be on the blog later this month.

4. Teatime and Books was so kind to interview me. After this, y'all may know me too well ;) Here's a sneak peek below:

What or who inspired you to become an author?

There were many little moments that I recall from childhood influences, from the children’s author visiting my school, to watching Little Women the first time and wanting to be Jo March. But the defining moment for me happened when I was eight. We had a Polish exchange student live with us for a time and who was like a big sister to me. Before she flew back to Poland, Kaya gave me a fine leather hardback edition of Anne of Green Gables. The book was more difficult to read than anything I’d read so far but I fell in love with the writing and soon devoured everything L.M. Montgomery had written.

Which type of genre do you love most, and why?

Fantasy, without a doubt. There’s something freeing in a book that enables you to escape to another world or time. It’s such a broad genre, too, which I also love. From the high fantasy immersion of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, to magic in the past like Outlander, there are endless places and stories to explore.

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