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Silver Hollow Tour Stop Excerpts: Days 5-7

Hey fantasy avengers! I hope y'll have been following along with the tour! I've loved meeting and greeting the following lovely bloggers and I hope you'll take a moment of your time to see what we shared and talked about below:

1. L.A. Sartor at An Indie Adventure featured my guest post on the meaning behind the words. Check out more at her site: CLICK ME

While we still have a few fun nonsense “Hollow” words, there are equally the amount of actual old and middle English thrown amix. I wanted to give you a better sense of realism this time and given the magical setting and history of the Borderlands, I pulled from true history. For your (and my) enjoyment, here are a list of phrases you’ll see in Silver Hollow 2018 with their meaning below:

Beek- to bask in the sun or a warm fire

Bilge Scum- comparing one to the filthy underbelly of a ship

Bellibone- A lovely maiden, pretty lass.

Breedbate- A person or something that creates strife.

Carked- Fretfully anxious.


2. Laura (founder of Prism Book Tours!) from Colorimentry: A Study of Literary Color, featured Amie Wentworth's survival tips below:

Amie’s Silver Hollow Survivor Tips 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an American traveling to England is destined to walk around with stars in her eyes. Americans are suckers for the old country, British accents and actors. My father so-happened to be one of these Brit’s and afternoon teas were bread and butter to me. At least, until I was stabbed, kidnapped and entered another dimension known as the Borderlands. You can enter Silver Hollow, my dad’s ye olde hometown, via the English countryside. Or in my case, jump off a train and have a wizard lead you through with magic. I’ve learned a thing or two since my return to Silver Hollow. Before you visit, you absolutely must abide by the following rules: 

  1. 1. Listen to your guide: I don’t recommend waltzing in without one. Even if your guide borders on rudeness.  

3. Next, I'm excited to share one of my favorite guest posts, featured on Wishful Endings, the very lovely blog run by Tressa (of Prism Book Tours fame):

For Silver Hollow, I wanted to give my characters a little extra meaning and give some hints as to their true nature. After all, you’ll soon discover that everything in Silver Hollow is only the surface above hidden layers.

(Due to the location of Silver Hollow in the Borderlands, most of the names below are taken from Scotch-Irish/Celtic origin, while a few below are old Germanic)

Emrys- Welsh form of Ambrose, who was a Romano-British military leader they later based the character of Merlin from. 

Highland/Old Irish-Celtic 
Morcant- Morcant is my nod to a modernized Morgan le Fay. Her updated name is derived from Old Welsh, a form of “Morgan.”
Elisedd- Celtic for “kind.” (Her last name, Underhill, was my direct nod to Tolkien)
Slaine- Scottish in origin, typically a feminine name meaning “good health.”

4. Don't miss this interview given by Singing Librarian Books:

The Interview

1. When did you write your first story? Has this story been published or is it hiding somewhere as an original manuscript that got you started writing? 
My first story, I wrote when I was nine about a group of stranded alien kids, that later became my Heaven’s Edge Novellas. My first “book,” if you can call it that, was a Lord of the Rings fanfiction I wrote with my twin best friends, beginning in Jr. High. Fellowship of the Rings had just come out and we loved it so much we wanted our own characters to explore Middle Earth. (In the case of one twin – fall in love with Legolas) We had so much fun writing these together, I finished three full-length novels. At the time I didn’t really know what fanfiction was. I wasn’t publishing it or writing for anyone but ourselves. It was the most fun I’ve had writing anything. Eventually I wanted to create something more original. And while my confession betrays how much of a nerd I was and am, I learned so much creating my first “series.” So if anyone reading this happens to read and write fanfiction, keep writing and keep sharing. You never know where that road will lead you.

2. What does your writing process look like (research, brainstorming, character sketches, writing time, etc.)? 
My process has definitely changed through the years. Today I begin with a loose outline of the whole story. I then dive into the characters and try to root out their motivations, their likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams. As I write, I often write screenplays with dialogue, to see if a scene could stand on that alone. I also keep copious notes on all those tiny details I tend to forget later on. Then I write, I write for at least an hour every day, hopefully a chapter a day. Somewhere in the process magic happens. The characters come alive and breathe and the words flow. At some point I struggle to write a sentence, until I break past the block and keep going. The important thing is to keep writing, no matter what. A big part of my writing process is also my critique partner, Melissa. We exchange chapters as we go and help each other keep track of inconsistencies. Since the twins I mentioned above have very busy lives today, I go to my fellow author friends for feedback. But having a person you trust helps so much in spurring your creativity.

5. Jorie from Jorie Loves A Story, interviewed me. When I say interviewed, I really mean, she researched everything she could about both editions, then dove into the most in-depth questions I've been presented to date. I've never had a blogger so intent on getting to the heart of my books, or one so openly invested in the details behind world building. It was such a wonderful experience, I'm a big fan of Jorie now. I hope you'll agree when you click on the pick below and read her interview for yourself. :)

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