Sunday, March 11, 2018

Review for "The Flame and the Arrow" by Emigh Cannaday #takecontroltbr

The Flame and the Arrow was my first pick to read for Caffeinated Reviewer's Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge. So naturally this book took me forever to push through. I had high hopes for this fantasy series and while I was happy about some things, I felt like a lot could have been edited out as well. Also, I'm reading some hopefully-less sprawling novels after this. 

My Review

3 of 5 Stars


Unique Fantasy Romance

The Flame and the Arrow is an epic sprawling fantasy romance like no other. Using elements of Eastern European folklore, I found the mythology and world building refreshing and intriguing. The magic of this book is what kept me coming back, along with Cannady's vivid imagination.

While I enjoyed this novel with it's fun mix of rocker and hodgepodge fairy tale creatures, I also feel much could have been left out. The heart of this story are the characters and family our heroine falls into. But there was a lot of filler that slowed the pacing down and made some parts harder to get through.

Still, this is altogether an excellent binge fantasy perfect for fans of big character casts like Buffy and the Mortal Instruments Series.

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