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Reviews for The Twelfth Keeper Series by Belle Malory

I can't begin to tell you how much Belle Malory's writing influenced me when I first discovered the Indie world. Her debut novel, Wanderlove was one of the first two digital books I downloaded onto my Kindle App and I've been a big fan ever since of her stories. The Twelfth Keeper is unlike anything I've ever read in the young adult genre and if you haven't discovered it, you're missing out.

You're also extremely lucky. 

I devoured the first two Keeper books soon after Malory published, then waited...and waited... 

Eventually I looked up her website and discovered she was taking a hiatus from writing due to personal reasons. Not only was I sad for her personally, but it always makes me sad to see my fellow Indie's fall away. We have a lot of competition out there, and sometimes it seems like an uphill battle. Belle was one of the reasons I made the move into publishing in the first place, so I was beyond excited to learn she wasn't just back, but had written two new Keeper books! 

The other day I found a chance between ARC reads to finally catch up on this beloved series. I read the latest installments in two days. Now I'm (im)patiently waiting for the next book! 

My Reviews for The Twelfth Keeper Series

The Twelfth Keeper by Belle Malory

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Belle Mallory has a talent for taking us on fantastical journeys, whether it be into the mysterious lives of gypsies or the near future. I loved this story for its heroine in all her sweetness and faults. It was refreshing to read a story where the lead isn't already a sassy confident hero. And even more rewarding when she comes into her own in the end. The mythology of earth keepers throughout the ages is original and intriguing. Looking forward to learning more in the sequel. Great cast of characters, especially swoon worthy and aptly named Phoenix. A must read for any science fiction or fantasy fan.

Center of the Universe by Belle Malory

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I adore the world Belle Malory has crafted for us with The Twelfth Keeper series. Center of the Universe is a coming-of-age story that picks up with our heroine Kennedy and her sexy love interest, Phoenix. Teen angst and drama ensue with love triangles on both sides and investigation into the threats outside their universe reveals new enemies. 

In true, sequel fashion, Center of the Universe ups the stakes as these futuristic teen supers navigate relationships and their place in the world they were born to protect.

Ocean of Stars by Belle Malory

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After years waiting for more sequels to Belle Malory's visionary Twelfth Keeper series, I was beyond excited to discover not just one but two new installments.

Ocean of Stars picks up right where Center of the Universe left off. The enemy left Earth's Keepers with a devastating blow, and as the stakes are raised, our heroes have difficult choices ahead.

Kennedy and her water circle have the opportunity to travel the stars and learn from water keepers on another world, but Phoenix is still reeling from a friend's death and not all enemies are alien. A key moment between Kennedy and Phoenix happens that we've been waiting for since book one if memory serves. Malory writes her characters' longing and love in such a way you can't help but feel with them.

As their powers grow, not only do we dive deeper into the meaning behind the Keepers' mysterious abilities, but see them begin to work as the team they were always meant to be. In the end, however, our heroes are left with even more questions that can only be answered among the stars.

I easily devoured this in one day, and I dare you to put it down once you dive back into Kennedy and co.'s elemental world.

Infinite Night by Belle Malory

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Twelfth Keeper Series has been full of twists and turns from one book to the next. Just when you think you know the direction Malory is going to take this series, she throws you for a loop the next installment. In the case of Infinite Night, number four in this ongoing saga, Malory has struck gold. It takes a lot of courage for an author to make a massive time jump in any narrative, but in this case, the lapse and non-linear storytelling weaves together fantastically.

Finally we see the culmination of past prophecies as the different Keeper circles are brought together on Earth. Meanwhile Kennedy is lost to Earth and to herself. But she finds her purpose and her belonging far away on another world. While I missed her interaction with her fellow Keepers, I think separating Kennedy and challenging her character in such a drastic way, only allowed her to reach her fullest potential. Her courage grows each day with the encouragement of new friends and finally we get to explore on of the mysterious other Keeper worlds. Luckily for Kennedy, it's filled with as much beauty as earth, and people both she and the reader grow to love.

Very excited to see where Malory takes the Keepers in the next installment. Quite frankly, I'd be happy if she wrote four more books. This is a series full of characters and potential of endless possibilities.

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