Thursday, July 27, 2017

2 Days Left for Venom & Steel Release Giveaway!

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Hope y'all have already had a chance to pick up your copy of Venom & Steel, Melissa Wright's fourth installment in the epic Frey Saga! I've been re-reading the series myself and loving it. There was so much I forgot since I read the first two books back in '12. I plan on sharing my second experience with the Elven Avengers soon. Meanwhile, here's my review for Book Four.

Venom and Steel  (The Frey Saga, #4)Venom and Steel by Melissa Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"I was just a broken girl now, like my mother, and hers before. This was how it started. Emptiness and despair. Everyone knew how it ended."

From the beginning, Venom and Steel throws you back into a theater of elves verses fey, dark against light, & the humans caught in an age-old war. Picking up some time after "Rise of the Seven," we are quickly re-acquainted with the company of characters we fell in love with before. Only this time, the fey are the central threat, with changelings taking advantage of the chaos an old conflict brings about. Stakes are higher than ever and the battle of wits & magic is spectacular. While Ruby shines brightest in this latest installment, Frey finds herself powerless to stop events from unfolding. Veil, the leader of the fey court strikes a bargain with Frey that leaves the kingdoms reeling. As the company is split apart by outside forces, they must learn to overcome insurmountable odds. Old enemies must become new allies as dark and light join forces, and a new threat looms in the horizon that threatens to destroy them all.

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Three seasons of peace come with a price.

It's dark night in the kingdom of the fey when the castle is attacked, and Ruby has gone missing. If Frey can't decipher the clues, one of her Seven might pay with their life.
But winged gods and high fey tricksters are plotting to steal more than a Halfling. Frey's high guard is torn apart, her magic is too volatile, and in three moons the fates will dance.
If Frey can't regain her guard and get a grip on her powers, the fate of the lands will rest in fey hands—but to do so, she must place her trust in one of them.


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  1. I love when the hero is a girl! Good job. (

    1. Me too! I confess, those are my favorite stories these days :)