Monday, July 18, 2016

Belle Malory & The Twelfth Keeper Review

Hey peeps! So I just finished reading "Center of the Universe" the sequel to Belle Malory's YA Sci-fi epic, "The Twelfth Keeper." This series is awesome and has so much potential. A month or so ago I looked up Belle's site & social to see if the third book would release soon, with every intention of adding it to my library. I was sad to read of her hiatus, but even more so because of the reasons behind it. 

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on this fantastical series, but also hopefully encourage others to pick up these books. If you're a fellow Indie author, or blogger, please reach out to Belle with a word of encouragement or two. We all go through difficult times and it helps to know what we write means something to others. Belle's novel, "Wanderlove" was one of the first Indie books I read in 2012 when I was starting out. I contacted Belle soon after devouring her book with hopes she might share some words of wisdom and she was so kind in return. Thank you for your kindness Belle & I hope you know we haven't forgot about you! 

Book Reviews

The Twelfth KeeperThe Twelfth Keeper by Belle Malory
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Belle Mallory has a talent for taking us on fantastical journeys, whether it be into the mysterious lives of gypsies or the near future. I loved this story for its heroine in all her sweetness and faults. It was refreshing to read a story where the lead isn't already a sassy confident hero. And even more rewarding when she comes into her own in the end. The mythology of earth keepers throughout the ages is original and intriguing. Looking forward to learning more in the sequel. Great cast of characters, especially swoon worthy and aptly named Phoenix. A must read for any science fiction or fantasy fan.

View all my reviews Center of the Universe (Twelfth Keeper, #2)Center of the Universe by Belle Malory
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I adore the world Belle Malory has crafted for us with The Twelfth Keeper series. Center of the Universe is a coming-of-age story that picks up with our heroine Kennedy and her sexy love interest, Phoenix. Teen angst and drama ensue with love triangles on both sides and investigation into the threats outside their universe reveals new enemies. In true, sequel fashion, Center of the Universe ups the stakes as these futuristic teen supers navigate relationships and their place in the world they were born to protect.

View all my reviews

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