Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don't Miss "A Princess's Dream" by Laura Elisabeth Etheredge

It is a rare gift for me to share a new release that I saw from its conception. And I am so proud to introduce my friend, Laura Beth's breakout novel, "A Princess's Dream." 

Laura Beth and I go way back, as we both were preschool teachers in the same classroom and dealt with toddlers on a daily basis. During naptime, our time was spent exchanging book chapters and sharing out thoughts with each other. 

Then it was a distant dream for both of us to become published authors. Today she realizes her dream! 

Please share the news and the excitement with us!

SYNOPSIS: A Journey of True Love Becoming a Reality
"When life's circumstances go awry and evil seems to be winning, is there hope for tomorrow?
       Is it possible to have and hold true love forever?       Come away to a faraway land and discover that good can still conquer evil. It all begins with a little courage and faith in the unseen."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Laura Elisabeth Etheredge

Laura Beth is married to her best friend, Chris, and has a son named Luke. They currently reside in Zambia teaching students at a seminary. Laura Beth is passionate about being the best mother and wife possible, while also sharing the love of Christ with seminary wives by teaching and equipping them with skills for the home.


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