Saturday, July 26, 2014

Author Interview with Lynette Endicott

Fantabulous Author Interview
with Lynette Endicott

(because that’s what she is…fabuloso)

Jenn:  Describe yourself using five unrelated adjectives ;)

Lyn:  Energetic, empathetic, observant, curious, expressive

Jenn:  Of all the characters you’ve written, which do you most connect with and why?

Lyn:  I love all my characters, but I feel the strongest connection to Eliza, the heroine of Pioneer Instinct who immigrated from Ireland to the American West, perhaps because she is based on an ancestress. I have a photograph, newspaper articles, family stories, even some of her needlework, so she is very real. Her story had many heartbreaks, so I empathized with her difficult life journey and so especially wanted her to find love and happiness.

Jenn:  Kay, now that we have the hard questions out of the way… Do you have any fun routine before you dive into your latest manuscript?

Lyn:  I click on the computer on my way from my bedroom to the kitchen, my cats and dog trailing me. While the computer is booting up I start my real tea -- whole leaf, fragrant and tasty. There is a little ritual to making real tea -- heating the water, warming the cup, steeping the tea, straining out the pieces, sipping the wonderful result along with an almond blossom or cookie or my homemade biscotti. I like Earl Grey with bergamot, blended with Earl Grey Crème' which has a little vanilla. The routine is a little slow while the water is heating, so the animals -- a dog, two cats and a bird -- get their breakfast during that time. Then I get mine. I open my WIP and sip as I get back into my story.

Jenn:  That sounds lovely! I need to try your routine next time. On with the show... What is the most shocking scene/novel you ever read and why?

Lyn:  The first Hogwarts death, the realization in Hunger Games that characters I loved would have to die, several scenes in The Help -- I find injustice shocking any time I confront it, in life or in fiction.

Jenn:  Very true, which brings me to my next question. You write romances, but do you ever feel yourself losing inspiration? If so where do you do to find it?

Lyn:  I watch some of my old favorite romantic movies, re-read favorite books, or snuggle up with my husband of 40 years. A walk in the garden or along the coast or other beautiful place in nature also puts me in the right frame of mind to write.

Jenn:   Do you prefer tragic romances like “Romeo & Juliet,” or comedies like “Much Ado About Nothing?”

Lyn:   Romance that develops in the middle of real life, with all its difficulties, humor, and more, appeals to me most. If I laugh and cry in the same book it may be exactly the right balance.

Jenn:   Our world can be a pretty tough place and true love can often seem like a myth rather than reality. Do you have a message you try to impart to your readers? If so, care to share?

Lyn:  Those awful moments in life when your heart stops and you can't imagine how you will go on, those moments when you must go forward even though you can't imagine how -- it is in those moments that we learn who we really are and when new things can unfold for us.

Jenn:   Three more to go! Can you sum up your new novel, “Out of Agony” in ten words or less?

Lyn:   When Brian lost his little girl his world fell apart

Jenn:   I see this is the fourth book in your “Starting Over” series. What has been the most challenging part of your journey with these characters?

Lyn:   I had to grow up from the first life change -- the loss of a job -- to realize that life can bring even greater sorrow. What is more sorrowful than the loss of a child?

Jenn:   Wow, I can't even imagine... This next question is geared more towards your fellow authors, but how do you find the gumption to keep on going? Any wisdom you can share based on your experiences as an authoress?

Lyn:   Keep writing. The story is there inside you and if you show up to the keyboard and give it a chance, it will begin to write itself.

Jenn:   Thank you so much for your time, Lynette! I hope you continue to find success through this tour. I know I, for one, will be picking up this series as soon as possible! 

Lyn:   Thank you for inviting me over. It's been fun to visit your blog and I will do it often to see what your other guests have to say.

If you enjoyed meeting Lynette as much as I did, you should hop on over and visit her website and discover her books! I know I will. :)

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