Monday, June 23, 2014

Review for "Every Last Kiss"

Every Last Kiss (The Bloodstone Saga, #1)Every Last Kiss by Courtney Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Egypt holds so much history, magic and taste of the exotic within its name. In my search for more historical fiction, I came upon this treasure by Courtney Cole. Macy is an ordinary girl, or so she thinks, until she discovers a long lost stone that ties her to the past quite literally. Within the first few chapters you are pulled into the ancient past. And not just to ancient Egypt, but during the final days of the reign of Cleopatra. It is an irresistible adventure that quickly sucks you under. What I loved most about this novel was how the author threw a teen-aged heroine into an middle aged woman's body. And somehow, Cole manages to weave Macy's story line and personality into her past incarnation as Cleopatra's handmaiden. I only wish we could have spent more time in Egypt. And I look forward to reading the sequel I bought immediately upon finishing the first. A story about true love surpassing the constraints of time, Every Last Kiss is a book you won't wanna miss.

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