Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Review: The Unicorn Girl

I had promised myself to review books deserving special recognition. While I have neglected this special gem, I recently finished another novel, and wanted to finish this while it's fresh on my mind. 
The Unicorn Girl looked appealing initially because of its fantastic cover art. A former art major, myself, I have always found hand drawn covers appealing, when done right. The designer truly hit the mark, evoking memories of "The Last Unicorn." The girl on the cover beckons you to read her story. 
I kept it on my shelf a while, hoping to eventually devour it in one sitting. 
Opportunity knocked weeks later, when I truly did consume the story of the unicorn girl. 
It is hard to say what I loved most, be it the author's gift of feeding you words that breathe, or the nostalgia. Perhaps I loved this novel most because I was a fan of unicorns since childhood, when I first picked up Bruce Coville's "Into the Land of the Unicorns." 
While "Unicorn Girl" is somewhat YA, I found many of the elements and her emotions, things I could relate with. It was as though someone reached inside me and woke up the little girl, longing to cross over into a similar world. 
Leah Vindral grows up through the course of her journey, and carries the reader along with her. Not only does she live in an ancient castle, but has a witch for a godmother, and the legend of unicorns surrounding her life in perpetual mystery. While at times her light tantrums come across as annoying, it fits well with the age and her situation. Leah is a heroine who is unafraid to find the answers for herself, while being wholly vulnerable at the same time. My favorite part of her character is her weakness, because her true power shines through during those darkest moments. 
M.L LeGette gives us not just a coming of age story, but a world we can sink our claws into. 
I would recommend this novel to all you lost little girls who still secretly dream of falling into the land of unicorns. 

To read "The Unicorn Girl" click on the cover photo at the beginning of this post. And be sure to check out the following links to learn more about M.L LeGette's fantastical worlds. :)

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