Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer of Love Blog Hop!

I'm having an early weekend and I wanted to celebrate by sharing Gliterary Girl's latest fling:
The Summer of Love Blog Hop
(says someone in a big, epic voice ;p)

To commemorate my participation in the loverly sun-themed blog hop, I'm posting a few of my favorite literary and cinematic summer-ish "love quotes!"

"Well that's what we do, we fight... You tell me when I am being an arrogant s.o.b. and I tell you when you are a pain in the a$$. Which you are, ninety-nine percent of the time. I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. You have like a two second rebound rate, then you're back doing the next pain-in-the-a$$ thing. So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day. Will you do something for me, please? Just picture your life for me? Thirty years from now, forty years from now? What's it look like? If it's with him, go. Go! I lost you once, I think I can do it again. If I thought that's what you really wanted. But don't you take the easy way out."
-Noah from The Notebook

"You look good wearing my future."- Keith to Watts, Some Kind of Wonderful 

 "I would have rather had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than an eternity without it. One." 
- City of Angels

 Alicia Silverstone 'Clueless': "Searching for a boy in high school, is like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie." 
"I'll take you to Mickey D's," said Sean. "I'll buy you a hamburger."
Annie was not thrilled. Sean's offer did not compare to offers made in other centuries.
"And fries," Sean said. "And a vanilla milkshake."
Annie remained unthrilled.
"Okay, okay. You can have a Big Mac."
Romance in my century, she thought, is pitiful."
-Caroline B. Cooney, Both Sides of Time

"Sweetest Fanny, You fear, sometimes, I do not love you so much as you wish? My dear Girl I love you ever and ever and without measure. The more I have known the more I have loved.
In every way--even my jealousies have been agonies of Love, in the hottest fit I ever had I would have died for you.
I have vexed you too much. But for Love!
Can I help it?
You are always new. The last of your kisses was ever the sweetest; the last smile the brightest; the last movement the gracefullest."
-John Keats "Bright Star"
Now that I've shared some of my Fav's it's your turn. Post your favorite love quotes below, enter my giveaway to win an ebook/print copy of Stay and don't forget to click on the link to find the next blog on the hop!

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  1. "No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how." – Gone with the Wind
    MY FAV! Thank yoU!

    1. LOVE Gone With the Wind! Amazing quote, Olivia :D

  2. I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once.

    THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green

    1. Lovely! I've never read The Fault In Our Stars but I have to check it out now :)

  3. “I had fallen too far. I was in love with Rush Finlay.”

    Abbi Glines' Fallen Too Far

  4. I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once.

    THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green

  5. Well since I just finished reading City of Glass(I'm reading the series again since movie about to come out)Here is my favorite quote:
    "There is no pretending," Jace said with absolute clarity. "I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I'll love you then." and "And now I’m looking at you,” he said, “and you’re asking me if I still want you, as if I could stop loving you. As if I would want to give up the thing that makes me stronger than anything else ever has. I never dared give much of myself to anyone before – bits of myself to the Lightwoods, to Isabelle and Alec, but it took years to do it – but, Clary, since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely. I still do. If you want me." And I absolutely LOVE this quote from the blurb of FIELD OF INNOCENCE "If you allow the light to leave you, darkness will inevitably move in." by Laney Lane

    1. I adore the Mortal Instruments series! The Jace/Clary thing is so epic and tragic in a Shakespearean sort of way. Sighs, and cannot wait to see the movie! Crossing my fingers, hoping it will live up to the novel!