Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Lichgates" Book Blast by S.M. Boyce

Please welcome Lichgates writer, S.M. Boyce!

Lichgates Synopsis

“The writing is flawless. The kingdoms and surrounding landscapes breathtaking. The Grimoire is a piece of imaginative genius that bedazzles from the moment Kara falls into the land of Ourea.
Nikki Jefford, author of the Spellbound Trilogy

Spring 2013 Rankings
#6 Kindle Store | #1 Science Fiction & Fantasy | #1 Epic Fantasy | #1 Sword & Sorcery | #1 Teens

Fans of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Eragon will enjoy this contemporary remix of the classic epic fantasy genre.
Kara Magari is about to discover a beautiful world full of terrifying things—Ourea.

Kara, a college student still reeling from her mother’s recent death, has no idea the hidden world of Ourea even exists until a freak storm traps her in a sunken library. With nothing to do, she opens an ancient book of magic called the Grimoire and unwittingly becomes its master, which means Kara now wields the cursed book’s untamed power. Discovered by Ourea's royalty, she becomes an unwilling pawn in a generations-old conflict—a war intensified by her arrival. In this world of chilling creatures and betrayal, Kara shouldn’t trust anyone… but she’s being hunted and can’t survive on her own. She drops her guard when Braeden, a native soldier with a dark secret, vows to keep her safe. And though she doesn’t know it, her growing attraction to him may just be her undoing.
For twelve years, Braeden Drakonin has lived a lie. The Grimoire is his one chance at redemption, and it lands in his lap when Kara Magari comes into his life. Though he begins to care for this human girl, there is something he wants more. He wants the Grimoire.

Welcome to Ourea, where only the cunning survive.

Note: All eBook copies of Lichgates are free
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Author Bio

International Amazon Bestseller. Fantasy Author. Twitter addict. Book Blogger. Geek. Sarcastic. Gooey. Odd. Author of the action-packed Grimoire Saga.

S.M. Boyce is a novelist who loves ghosts, magic, and spooky things. She prefers loose-leaf tea, reads far too many books, and is always cold. She’s married to her soul mate and couldn’t be happier. Her B.A. in Creative Writing qualifies her to serve you french fries.

Boyce likes to update her blog a few times each week so that you have something to wake you up in the morning.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer of Love Blog Hop!

I'm having an early weekend and I wanted to celebrate by sharing Gliterary Girl's latest fling:
The Summer of Love Blog Hop
(says someone in a big, epic voice ;p)

To commemorate my participation in the loverly sun-themed blog hop, I'm posting a few of my favorite literary and cinematic summer-ish "love quotes!"

"Well that's what we do, we fight... You tell me when I am being an arrogant s.o.b. and I tell you when you are a pain in the a$$. Which you are, ninety-nine percent of the time. I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. You have like a two second rebound rate, then you're back doing the next pain-in-the-a$$ thing. So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day. Will you do something for me, please? Just picture your life for me? Thirty years from now, forty years from now? What's it look like? If it's with him, go. Go! I lost you once, I think I can do it again. If I thought that's what you really wanted. But don't you take the easy way out."
-Noah from The Notebook

"You look good wearing my future."- Keith to Watts, Some Kind of Wonderful 

 "I would have rather had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than an eternity without it. One." 
- City of Angels

 Alicia Silverstone 'Clueless': "Searching for a boy in high school, is like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie." 
"I'll take you to Mickey D's," said Sean. "I'll buy you a hamburger."
Annie was not thrilled. Sean's offer did not compare to offers made in other centuries.
"And fries," Sean said. "And a vanilla milkshake."
Annie remained unthrilled.
"Okay, okay. You can have a Big Mac."
Romance in my century, she thought, is pitiful."
-Caroline B. Cooney, Both Sides of Time

"Sweetest Fanny, You fear, sometimes, I do not love you so much as you wish? My dear Girl I love you ever and ever and without measure. The more I have known the more I have loved.
In every way--even my jealousies have been agonies of Love, in the hottest fit I ever had I would have died for you.
I have vexed you too much. But for Love!
Can I help it?
You are always new. The last of your kisses was ever the sweetest; the last smile the brightest; the last movement the gracefullest."
-John Keats "Bright Star"
Now that I've shared some of my Fav's it's your turn. Post your favorite love quotes below, enter my giveaway to win an ebook/print copy of Stay and don't forget to click on the link to find the next blog on the hop!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Darkness of Light Blog Tour!

So excited to share this amazing new book by Stacey Marie Brown, "Darkenss of Light." Check out the blurb, author a kick ace excerpt and best of all, the giveaway!

About Darkness of Light

Freak. Witch. Crazy. Schizo.

Ember Brycin has been called them all. She’s always known she’s different. No one has ever called her normal, even under the best circumstances. Bizarre and inexplicable things continually happen to her, and having two different colored eyes, strange hair, and an unusual tattoo only contributes to the gossip about her.

When the latest school explosion lands her in a facility for trouble teens, she meets Eli Dragen, who’s hot as hell and darkly mysterious. Their connection is full of passion, danger, and secrets. Secrets that will not only change her life, but what and who she is—leading her down a path she never imagined possible.

Between Light and Dark, Ember finds a world where truth and knowledge are power and no one can be trusted. But her survival depends on finding out the truth about herself. In her pursuit, she is forced between love and destiny and good and evil, even when the differences between them aren’t always clear. At worst, she will incite a war that could destroy both worlds. At best, she will not only lose her heart but her life and everyone she loves. Once the truth is out, however, there will be no going back. And she’ll definitely wish she could.

About Stacey Marie Brown

Stacey Marie Brown by day is an Interior/Set Designer, by night a writer of Paranormal Fantasy, Adventure, and Literary Fiction. She grew up in Northern California, where she ran around on her family’s farm, raising animals, riding horses, playing flashlight tag, and turning hay bales into cool forts. Even before she could write, she was creating stories and making up intricate fantasies. Writing came as easy as breathing. She later turned that passion into acting, living and traveling abroad, and designing. Though she had never stopped writing, moving back to San Francisco seemed to have brought it back to the forefront and this time it would not be ignored.

When she’s not writing she’s out hiking, spending time with friends, traveling, listening to music, or designing.


A low, deep, menacing growl from the darkness locked my muscles in place. I wanted my brain to match the sound to an animal. A wolf, or possibly a bear, but I knew it was neither.
Another beast-like growl echoed through the woods, closer. My skin prickled as I felt its eyes studying me. I could hear the animal move through the dense brush, inching itself to me. Prowling. Stalking. I shoved myself off the tree, and crept towards the direction of the party. I was too far away from my friends; even if I screamed, no one would hear.
A growl sounded from the direction I was headed. I froze. How did it move there so quickly? This thing was unnaturally fast, silent, and smart. It understood what I was doing and was blocking my escape route. It rumbled again, stirring the underbrush. It was still too well hidden in the darkness to see clearly. I could just make out an outline and its eyes. That was enough.
This can’t be happening!
A cold sweat broke over me. A twig snapped. There was a moment of uncertainty. Neither of us moved. Air capsulated inside my lungs—the quiet before the storm. Then it lunged, crashing through branches, heading right for me.
I spun around and started running, darting in and around trees and through bushes. Loud cracks of breaking wood and foliage echoed behind me, like a bulldozer plowing through the forest, close on my heels. My nightmares had become a reality, blending into this one true horror.

I stood in a shadowy forest of oak and ash. Wind ruffled through the dense trees, making them creak and moan. A gust of wind rippled over my skin, and I drew up my hood and pulled my dark cloak closer to my body. Flames danced rhythmically in front of me. I huddled closer to the fire, feeling its warmth and strength as it rose higher. The sun met the horizon and darkness was slithering in around me.
Anxiety tapped nervously on my neck. Something out there was coming for me, and it was getting closer.
A warning crept into my body, and I felt eyes on me from all around, as if the trees themselves were staring at me. The branches swayed, creating bended, gnarled skeleton shadows. An unnerving guttural growl echoed over the wind. Anxiety crept down my spine. I spun around, searching frantically for the threat.
They were coming for me. I had to run.
A deep, menacing laugh ricocheted off the rock walls beyond the trees. I whipped around again, a scream catching in my throat. Electric green eyes were only inches from my face, looking directly into mine, dancing with menacing glee.
“Time to join your mother.”

I started to jog, my backpack banging rhythmically against my back. I sailed through the forest, weaving around trees and bushes with ease. Dampness clung to my face and hair as the mist thickened under the cover of trees. All the things that had been happening to me were begging to be released. I pumped my legs faster. The pulse of the forest pounded simultaneously with my heartbeat.
Then I felt something change. It felt like a warning was being shouted at me through the drumming beat of the forest. Something was off. Wrong. Alarm nipped at my insides.
I slowed down and came to a stop. A stronger feeling of dread gripped me. I was being watched. Spinning around in a circle, I eyed the forest that surrounded me. Nervously, I swallowed, searching for the forest’s once-vibrant sounds of life. Total silence enveloped me and was only broken up by the thumping of my heart. The silence was what really unnerved me. Not a single bird chirped and not any of the other natural sounds of a forest whistled through the air. You never realize how comforting those sounds are until they’re gone. All the time I spent in the woods, I never felt uncomfortable. But now I did.
A trickle of sweat ran down my face. I didn’t know what to do. There was no obvious threat, but my gut told me something was different. This was something I had gotten from my mom. Our gut feelings were eerily right on, like a truth detector or a warning system.
I was fairly certain there were no bears or other aggressive wildlife around this area, but the sensation of being hunted rang like a bell inside my head. Panic rose up into my throat like bile, and I stumbled backwards until I pressed up against a massive boulder.
My skin tingled and blood pounded in my ears. Whatever it was, it was getting closer, edging slowly towards me. This was it. I hoped it would be an animal that attacked me. Yes, I’d rather die as a bear’s Happy Meal, than as some girl murdered by a deranged serial killer.
A branch snapped, breaking the silence. The sound came from the opposite direction where I had felt the threat. My attention flew towards the sound, searching the perimeter in front of me. Out of nowhere, a massive figure appeared at the break of the clearing.
A loud snap and the rustling of leaves made me jump. I spun around, feeling a pair of ice-cold eyes on me, but not knowing where they were located. I paused one more second, sucking in a deep breath before breaking into a run, fleeing as fast as I could. The ground crunched underfoot as I scrambled through the forest. Branches whipped across my face, slicing at my skin.
My heart battered ruthlessly against my ribs, almost drowning out the sound of something smashing through the brush behind me. Almost. Whatever was out there, it was moving in closer, ready to jump out at me. I cringed in anticipation, preparing for the pain of the attack.
Adrenaline coursed through my veins, making my legs and lungs pump harder. Up ahead I could see the parking lot through a break in the trees. Almost there.
A low snarl erupted behind me.
I wanted to laugh at the idiocy. It was so my luck to be this close to safety and not make it. I waited to feel hands or claws tearing at my body.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Welcome to Munchkinland!

 While this is not a book, it was originally inspired by this familiar, ground breaking series by L. Frank Baum ;)

  Discovered it today and can't wait to take my ma to see it!

Monday, August 5, 2013

"The Guys Are Props" Blog Tour + Giveaway!

My Review
Every once in a while, I'm asked to read a novel that truly blows my expectations away. "The Guys Are Props" is one of these, as you might have already guessed. Ingrid Seymour paints the story of the lonely, broken-hearted college girl with a refreshing voice. The titular heroine isn't awkwardly shy or brazen hussy, but an honest blend of broken home American. This girl has a past and isn't ashamed to acknowledge or try to rise above it. I feel that her personal story was one of the things that kept me hooked and gave this story true grit. While there was plenty of hot and heavy romance, the main characters' individual struggles and flaws made it realistic. Though I don't think I've ever met a straight green eyed Latino male with a perfect figure and penchant for dance. It certainly isn't impossible that they exist, or that a gal like Maddie unexpectedly wins his affections. 
This is very much an accidental love story. In fact it begins more like a hate story. Having been through my share of bitter, disappointed relationships I could really sympathize with how she fell into the players club, and her struggle to break free of it. 
"TGAP" was a nice reminder that while romance can be all-consuming, no one wins when we refuse to get over ourselves and move on. It's something I had to learn the hard way and enjoyed watching two likable, believable characters struggle through in this story. Highly recommend this read to all the broken hearted damsels and heroines out there, or anyone unlucky in love. Here is a novel to infuse hope and maybe, quite possible, resurrect your broken dreams. 

During her senior year in high school, Maddie Burch promised herself not to ever fall for a cute guy – or any guy – again. Cute guys are players and not to be trusted, a fact she learned the hard way when her first boyfriend ran her heart through a paper shredder. Two years later, her promise is still intact, and she’s determined to make it through college without falling victim to another creep. She has her job, school and The Guys Are Props Club to keep her mind and hormones in check.
The club was founded by Jessica, Maddie’s best friend. It is a sisterhood of girls who have fallen prey to heartless jerks and who have vowed to turn the tables. Once a semester, Jessica requires members to “do onto others as they’ve done unto you.” Setting the example, Jessica’s next play is Sebastian Capello, a theater major with heartthrob looks and a flair for Latin dance, whose heart she plans to break the way hers was once broken.
What the friends don’t know is that Sebastian is different. Despite his perfect looks and popularity, he’s not a jerk. He doesn’t play games to get his way. Instead, he keeps it real and goes after what he wants with honest intentions. And what he wants is not a bombshell like Jessica, but a down-to-earth girl like Maddie – even if it causes a riff in the girl’s friendship. Even if it means getting Maddie to break her personal vow.

*** Due to language and sexual situations this book is recommended for ages 17 and older.

Purchase link

The book is only on sale an Amazon for eBook and print http://amzn.to/163x7F0
And for print also on CreateSpace https://www.createspace.com/4283057

About Ingrid Seymour

Ingrid Seymour loves, loves, loves to write. Her favorite genres are Young Adult and New Adult fiction.  Her debut novel “The Guys Are Props Club” is an NA contemporary romance which she immensely enjoyed writing.  Her favorite outings involve a trip to the library or bookstore where she immediately gravitates toward the YA section. She’s an avid reader and fangirl of many amazing books. She’s sure that one day she’ll see one of her books made into a movie. She likes to dream big ;)

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