Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Belated Surprise!

So I thought I might announce to my fellow bloggers/readers that I finally, truly own a Kindle! Lol, I ventured to my friends a few hours away last weekend, to help them paint house. And the first night I was there they presented a red bag to me, much to my confusion. I stared for a moment, dumbly until my friend said, "for your birthday!"
Naturally I had forgotten my birthday was a couple of weeks ago (turning 25 isn't as memorable as one might think) and I had not seen these friends since before then.
I pulled out the pretty black Amazon labeled box and gasped as I pried open the lid. I was so shocked that I cried as my friend added, "This way you can read your books as they were intended."
I cried, because it was one of the most thoughtful gifts anyone could ever have given me. But especially because this friend happens to be my beta and has gleaned through three of my five published/soon-to-be novels.
And I can officially say that this Kindle Indie author has now upgraded from Kindle apps on her computer and Cloud, to the "real McCoy." ;) 

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