Monday, June 10, 2013

Writing Updates

Wow haven't had a new post in days. That feels funny, which is funny in turn because I used to only post once in a blue moon. Just goes to show that there are things to blog about, you just need to find time/inspiration. And when all else fails, book quotes, Tumblr goodies and giveaways are always out there for you to share.

Today I'm working on Vynasha stuff. I'm sure you've already heard me blab about it before. In fact, I'm almost positive you're ready to gag me just so I don't talk about it anymore ;p
But since it's important for writers to keep their readers and fellow authors in the know, I thought I'd share some of my latest journey.

I've got a hundred or so pages left to revise in part one and I'm trying to get through it while gathering up the gumption to get started on another project. Lately I haven't been burned out, just kind of tired. I'm almost convinced that tiredness can be your worst enemy. Solution? Work out, eat right and get an actual eight hours in a night. I don't always succeed in these three key things, but when I do, it's much easier to stay refreshed.

My trouble comes from the writer's plague, insomnia! I'm sure that while many of you authors are capable of writing during the day, I haven't found the key that makes me dance that same tune. Instead I have been doomed for long as I can remember to write at night. It just works for me. Which is fine when I'm not due to either of my other two jobs (yes, two ;)

So that, short and sweet is my story. I realize that I should probably tell you more about Vynasha, but I'll save that for next time.
Oh! And beware, fellow authors, when looking for stock images for cover art. If you don't buy the extended license it will come back to bite you in gruesome, zombie-esque ways.

What makes y'all tick? Are you a daywalker or a nightwalker ;)

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