Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review of "Missing: Nordic Fairies #5" by Saga Berg

Missing (Nordic Fairies, #5)Missing by Saga Berg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Missing searches out the mystery by Trym, Svalla's guardian's disappearance. Meanwhile the dark fairies seem to be gaining the upper hand and the mysterious father of Svalla and Viggo's grandchild is revealed. More of Viggo's alliance with the dark fairy, Amanda is brought to light, though it doesn't make me want to smack her any less. And Emma, Freja's daughter, is revealed to have a few more layers other than vindictive evil spawn this go around. At the heart of it all is Viggo's insurmountable love for Svalla. No matter the obstacles, no matter the doubt in her heart concerning her eternal love, Svalla knows Viggo's love for her is true. Their relationship was what first drew me to their story and compels me to keep reading this fantastic novella series.

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