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Ashes Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway!

ABOUT Ashes (Foresight #2) 

They will not give up…she’s about to find out why.
Scarlett barely escaped with her life the last time she ran in to The Venari; but she refuses to spend her days looking over her shoulder.
Determined to be normal, she heads to Europe, only to learn that her wish to blend in is simply not meant to be. With Jake delayed in Salem, Scarlett is vulnerable and forced to rely on new found friends, The Collective; a band of people with gifts like her own.
When her desire to bring an end to her torment leads her to the dark underbelly of Paris, she discovers what The Venari plan for her is not death, but in fact much worse.

(Completely blanked yesterday. Sorry about the belated post, peeps! But last and not least, here is my review of "Ashes," by Amy Keen.)

Ashes by Amy Keen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ashes, the exciting, spellbinding sequel to Embers, is a pulse-pounding, heart stopping thrill ride. While initially I was thrown off by the setting change, from Salem to France, I quickly saw the parallels between the new and old world. And the setting, much like the new characters and conflicts, broaden Scarlett’s world and our vision. We get to see more of the mysterious people, like Scarlett, who have been hunted for centuries for their inherent powers. Paris is explored above and below with horrifying pictures reminiscent of “The Cask of Amontillado.”
Enjoyable to me was seeing Scarlett and Jake’s relationship progress, strain and twist against the challenges they face at first apart, then together. Conversely, her “relationship” with Elias was intriguing, at times frustrating and eventually compelling. Once he got over his emo phase, at least. Like Scarlett, I’m very curious to peel apart his layers.
What I liked best in this book was seeing Scarlett come into her own. She grows so much as a character from the beginning of Embers and to this point, it’s almost hard to believe she’s the same girl. She doesn’t just sit around and let people handle the tough stuff for her, but takes after trouble with slightly martyr like tendencies. Another thing about the characters that I appreciate is that they talk, for the most part, like real people. They get frustrated and don’t finish their sentences sometimes, or their thoughts. And again, I enjoyed Scarlett’s perspective shifting from thought to words, much as we do in real life.
So many twists and turns in this high speed chase of a novel, my mind is still spinning with the final revelation. I would like to report that I expected that twist, but I was completely blindsided and expecting things to end on a tense, but lovey-dovey note. Thankfully, as Ms. Keen has already proven, Ashes dares to revel in its darkness, with the promise of more to tantalize.

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