Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow Revisions

Yes, it's true, I am revising Silver Hollow again, lol. More like tweaking it, but mainly fine tuning. And shipping it off to my editor to brush up a lot, no doubt! Here's the latest.

Rain couldn’t possibly pour in such copious amounts without bringing on the Flood. She had been trying to hail one of those strange black London taxis to no avail and was now effectively drenched. Her summer clothes were far too thin for this kind of rain. It was a biting enough chill, she wouldn’t have been surprised if sleet and hail were next.
Just my luck!
Holding her map so it was tented comically over her head and officially useless by the time it had finished agreeing to keep her dry, she looked for Henry’s symbol. Neither the crowds nor the rain had let up. Blinking past the sting of ruined mascara, she looked for whatever it was she was supposed to be looking for while her skin grew pruned and chilled. Of all the people pushing through the airport, she was the only one without some kind of protection from the storm.
Except him, she thought with piqued interest and then dread.
Forgetting to blink, forgetting to breathe, Amie gasped her disbelief. She could have sworn she had glanced across the street seconds ago and hadn’t seen him anywhere close! Yet it was undeniably her stalker, the one who had pulled her back from the brink of death. He stood immobile in a sea of nameless sheltered faces. Rain had plastered his shock of black hair to his forehead and poured over an unremarkable face. His unsettling stare had formed a new intensity since their last encounter. Even in the distance, his eyes seemed to glow.
Cold gave way to heat, the kind of heat she had not felt in years, not since before the crash.
A taxi appeared before her feet with a screeching halt and splattered her with a wall of dirty water. Confused at its arrival, after she had been trying to get a taxi for the last hour, she glanced around for the person who signaled it. Instead the taxi driver tapped his horn and through the foggy window a rough-looking man peered up at her.
When she looked to the street, her stalker and savior was gone.
Laughing as she let down her ruined map, she tried to shake the troubling feeling that this was all becoming way too real. Of course the mysterious tall, dark and handsome man vanished into the night, leaving the heroine in suspense over their next encounter. It was an easy plot turn she had used multiple times.
Amie jumped when the taxi horn blared loudly in her ears. She frowned, eyes falling onto the stickers littering the side bumper of the cab. “Keep your panty-hose on! I’m coming!”
She froze when a very familiar symbol met her eyes, so tiny only someone intimately familiar with it would recognize the Celtic knot. She shivered. The strange interweaving crest she had seen a hundred thousand times in her memories was glaring her obscenely in the face. The same symbol she had only ever seen on her father’s old ring and which was now hanging between her breasts on a silver chain. The cool metal brushed recently healed skin.
Beep! Beep!
The horn startled her from her thoughts and something in her agreed with the cabbie’s insistence. The sooner she left this place the better. This was getting too Outer Limits for her taste.

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