Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: Vynasha

"Echoes of the Past"

“It’s not fair Wyllem!” Adriaa’s golden locks tumbled about her head as she screeched and then stamped her foot to the wooden floor, in a demonstration of her fury. Iona followed en suit of course.

“She’s right! Wyllem it is none of your affair!”

Their eldest brother turned to face them, arms locked over his broad chest, a sound block against the two sisters, and his black brow arched amusedly. “None of my affair? Dear Adriaa, you made it my affair when you set your sites on one of my oldest and least trusted comrades!”

“But you can’t forbid me to see him! You aren’t our father!”

Vynasha thought Adriaa’s pouting lips might tremble and simply fall off her face altogether. Wyllem only laughed and leaned against their mother’s chair.

“Mother, is it not true I spoke with father on this matter?” he said.

Wynyth barely lifted her gentle brow as she continued spin their sheep’s wool and replied, “Yes, and he thought Wyllem’s word as final as his. And that perhaps you might heed your brother’s advice better than his own, Adriaa.” She exchanged a quick grin with her eldest son.

Vynasha fought a secret smile from behind her mother’s skirts where she worked the wool at Wynyth’s feet.

Wyllem turned his eye back to Adriaa and pulled her long mussed braid and said, “See, little sister? What did I tell you? You’re too sweet of a jewel for father to give out to just any cold hearted fool.”

She stamped after him as he headed towards the front door. “But he’s your friend!”

Wyllem threw his hands up in defeat and laughed. “And I am just as cold hearted a braggart as he is.”

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