Sunday, May 19, 2013

Suddenly Royal Review and thoughts on "Prince Yummy" ;)

Suddenly Royal (Suddenly, #1)Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I discovered this title under Amazon's newly instated "New Adult" category and was intrigued from the get go. I had high hopes this wouldn't just be some Princess Diaries rip off and I wasn't disappointed. We begin in the typical college town atmosphere in the heart of winter. There are the usual formulas, the best friends and the smart-ace whiplash kind of heroine that tends to populate this genre. But Sam is much more than your typical heroine. She's got a tender and fragile heart underneath, and a bucket of brains that can hold their own to any royals. Then came the shocker. I wasn't expecting for the tables to be turned and Sam and Alex to find such a strong connection. I confess I was waiting for the typical plot devices. He would be a playboy (which he...emphasis-WAS). Or the queen would disapprove and try to split them up. Nope. Neither was there any political intrtigue or trouble with the Steward or the half dozen other directions Chase could have taken her novel. I found my respect for her as an author growing for daring to tell so simple a realistic fairy tale. But then the wonderful thing happened. I found myself falling in love with Lilaria and its people. And then of course there is Alex. It's a beautiful thing watching him sincerely chase after her. It's also refreshing to read about a guy who's tired of the b.s and actually work to win a girl he wants to marry. Not just jump in the sack with, but actually be with. They were hot and heavy yet sweet and endearing as a couple to read about, without getting over the top. I'll end this without rambling on as I am inclined to do. This is just that sort of a book. Unexpectedly, when I wasn't looking, Suddenly Royal wormed its way into my reader's heart and doesn't look to be jumping ship anytime soon. Team Prince Yummy! ;)

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