Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Word to Dreams: New Release! Ohre (Heaven's Edge #2) by Jennifer ...

Word to Dreams: New Release! Ohre (Heaven's Edge #2) by Jennifer ...: I just found out through a message from author Jennifer Silverwood, that Ohre , her sequel to Qeya was released today, April 24th!  I'm ...

I love surprises! Tonight I was promoting my newest release, Ohre (Heaven's Edge #2). I was sharing with my online friends who have read the first in the series, because I knew they'd wanna read the latest! And I was messaging my friend, Marni about her blog. I just realized she was a book blogger, and a good one at that! I always feel sheepish when I don't notice those kinds of important things!
Well anywho, Marni was excited as I was about Ohre, and we were going to schedule something for another time on her calendar.
But then I got a random tweet from her that included the link above. When I clicked on it I realized she had already given Ohre a spotlight on her blog! I was so giddy and excited and honored, in an "ohmygosh awesome!" way.

So go and check out Marni's post and her site, and of course, check out Ohre! It's going to be free on Amazon Kindle for the next five days so you won't wanna miss the chance to download a copy. And Qeya is also available for free on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords at the moment. Don't hesitate to add these YA novellas to your collection.

Only one more day before Friday!

Lesson of the day, really get to know your readers and Goodreads friends. You know, they may end up being authors or bloggers without your realizing it... ;p

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