Friday, April 26, 2013

Rankings and Acknowledgements

So this is probably breaking some kind of author rule, but I just couldn't help to get excited when I checked out Ohre on Amazon today. As of today we're ranked #1,229 Free in the Kindle Store! I know that may not seem like much, until you calculate just how many books are out there on Amazon. It's over a million and then some. I don't honestly know how many there are. So that's really good news :) We're also #4 in Science Fiction-Short Stories category and #11 in Sci-Fi/Adventure! I was pretty jazzed about that, especially seeing as we're on the same list as a George R. Marting book, lol. So yay! Happy Carlton Dance! I'm obviously not making any money off of this, so I'm not here to gloat like I broke some record. But it just gets me pumped to think that more people are reading the Heaven's Edge series. That's the beauty of novellas is the possibilities are limitless.
Once the free promo days end on Monday, I expect for us to fall back down to a more average, not so shiny number on the boards, lol. But I wanted to share this moment of success with y'all, my friends and fans. Because those numbers are largely due to y'all sharing and spreading the word!
This weekend I get to go to two weddings, of which I feel mixed emotions over. One, because that's a lot of people to hang around and two because a big part of me just wants to come home from work and relax tonight! Ah well, it's always good for us introverted authors to branch out a bit ;p
Have a great weekend everyone!
And don't forget, you can share in the adventures on Heaven's Edge for FREE right now. Click on the picture below to follow the link. :)