Saturday, April 27, 2013

Krystal's Enchanting Reads: {Review} Stay by Jennifer Silverwood

Here's another review for "Stay" done by fellow blogger and friend, Krystal of "Krystal's Enchanting Reads." She has one of the coolest blogs around and I love visiting, partly because of the pixie dust cursor! Love her honest thoughts that she shares here.

Also, I picked up the print proof copy of Stay today. I've been going through it unlike when I got the Silver Hollow proof. I learned the error of my ways by now, lol. Anyways, I was going through and marking things like usual until I got about ten pages into the book. I discovered I couldn't stop reading the next chapter. This only happened after I stopped thinking about it like a writer and started reading it for the story. I've never had that happen to something I wrote, so it was fun and a strange experience, lol :)

Krystal's Enchanting Reads: {Review} Stay by Jennifer Silverwood: The Book Stay by Jennifer Silverwood Pages: 210 Genre: New Adult Published: February 13th 2013 Publisher: SilverWood Ske...

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