Monday, March 4, 2013

________ Mondays!

It's been a fantabulous Monday, peeps! 

Guess what, in only four days the Silver Hollow Tour begins! I'm really excited to get to know all of you better and hope you'll visit the tour. Here's a Goodreads event link if you haven't checked it out or I don't know you through there. :)

Ohre is in my editor's to-do list and we'll be working on that most of the rest of this month. :) 

I'm so thankful to the awesome chicas who have reviewed and or read "Stay." Here's the latest book blitz from Jessica at "That Girl Reads." Come check her out!

In other news, I was telling my friend I mentioned above, Jessica, that I noticed a link between The Walking Dead and Blade 2. You ready for this Daryl fans? Daryl himself, the most interesting and bad ace character arguably on TWD, plays the street kid Scud in Blade 2! I was watching Guillermo Del Torro's take on the comic vamp, in the mood for some action, and kept thinking, this dude's voice is soooo

Now I'm off to work on some more tour stuff, and write Vynasha! To learn more about that novel, just check out the teaser tomorrow. :D

Happy Monday! It's gonna be a great week! Just wait and see ;)


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