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Reviewing in Chaos: Review & #giveaway- Silver Hollow by @JennSilverw...

Reviewing in Chaos: Review & #giveaway- Silver Hollow by @JennSilverw...:   Hi Guys!  I hope your Easter weekend is going wonderfully!   Today, I have a wonderful review to share with you of Silver Hollow by ...

Yay another review! Good or bad, I'll never grow weary of reading other readers' thoughts on something I wrote. A very humbling experience every time. :)


Last night I had a gals night with my roomie, featuring a chick flick and chocolate. Doesn't get any better IMO lol. Movie of the night was "Ondine," one of my favorites. Its a foreign Irish film, so you have to pay attention to the thicker accents occasionally. But it still remains a sweet, occasionally magical and otherwise otherworldly modern fairy tale. And Colin Farrell is the perfect eye candy, even scruffed up ;)

Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf: Interview & Giveaway with Silver Hollow Author Jen...

Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf: Interview & Giveaway with Silver Hollow Author Jen...: 1. Please start by telling us a little bit about yourself.  I’m a brunette, but people call me a redhead a lot, and I was...

Learn more secrets behind the magic :D

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Forget About TV, Grab A Book: {Blog Tour Review}Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silver...

Forget About TV, Grab A Book: {Blog Tour Review}Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silver...: Publication Date: November 9, 2012 Publisher: SilverwoodSketches ISBN-13: 9781481000147 Synopsis Writing has always been her pas...

New review for Silver Hollow! Come check it out :D Always love hearing back from reviewers. Also, I hope y'all are enjoying Good Friday! We're planning on going to see the new Oz movie today, and just enjoy family time. And of course, enjoy some chocolate eggs ;)

My Paranormal Book Review: Spotlight & Giveaway: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Si...

My Paranormal Book Review: Spotlight & Giveaway: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Si...: Tour Wide Giveaway: 10 ebooks and 10 print copies - Print copies open to US shipping Title:   Silver Hollow Author: Jennifer ...

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Tuesday Teaser


The winds rushed up the stairs and against her, causing the light to sputter and go out. Pale silvery light cast over her and she lifted her chin only to gasp and reach for her hidden dagger. “Grendall!” she exclaimed and exhaled when he reached out to catch her hand.
“You should not be here,” he said roughly. His pale eyes seemed harder than ever, only now his dark hair looked more unkempt than usual, the lines about his mouth and forehead were more pronounced and he limped as he approached.
“What happened to you?” she whispered.
“Only what’s bound to happen to you, if you stay,” he said while tucking a loose curl behind her ear. His long fingers brushed the rose fixed at her neck and his gaze flickered back to meet hers. “What’s this?”
She tried to pull away only to find her bloody hand still trapped in his and she glowered. “Never mind that, Gate Keeper. Do you have what I need?”
He bowed his head to mask his contorted features. “Yes.”
When he did not speak she dared another step, and noticed the fresh scrapes on his neck that were hidden by his coat collar. “Grendall,” she said while reaching up to push the leather aside. “Is it true then?”
“Is what?” he grunted, low and somewhat harshly. He curled even more into himself when she touched the light cuts.
“Am I truly his last hope? Am I everyone’s last hope?”
He shook his head and when he looked up at her again, she was shocked to see something akin to remorse. “Vynasha, you must leave tonight, now before they smell your blood. It is so strong.” He stared at their joined hands a moment and his grip tightened. He clenched his square jaw and then quickly turned. “If you value your life and your brother’s, then come with me.”
“So you’ll help me?” she asked breathlessly, unable to contain her eagerness.
“Cease your constant chatter and perhaps we can descend unnoticed…vile temptress,” he grumbled, his words falling to low murmuring as they moved down the winding stair. 

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Bittersweet Enchantment: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood | Except + Gu...

Bittersweet Enchantment: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood | Except + Gu...: WELCOME to the Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood blog tour hosted by  Bewitching Book Tours . I have a awesome guest post from ...
And here's another spotlight and guest post! They just keep on coming, don't they? lol Have a gander, leave a comment and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!
This post focuses on Amie and her best friends/protectors, the twins, Faye and Jo. Come read to see a glimpse into their childhoods. :)

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The LUV'NV: Blog Tour {Excerpt & Giveaway}—Silver Hollow by Je...

I seriously love this blog, if you haven't checked it out. The theme is very fun and a cool place to browse around. Not your average book blog for certain :) Come visit this guest post and sign up for the giveaway!

The LUV'NV: Blog Tour {Excerpt & Giveaway}—Silver Hollow by Je...: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood Publication: November 9th 2012 by SilverWoodSketches Genre: New Adult Fantasy/Paranormal Romance ...

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Writing from Corsets to Bustiers...: [Guest Blog] Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood

Writing from Corsets to Bustiers...: [Guest Blog] Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood: Title: Silver Hollow Author: Jennifer Silverwood Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Fantasy Romance/ Chick-lit Publisher: SilverWoodSketches ...

Curious to know which Silver Hollow character is who in real life? Click on the link to find out!
One more day till Friday and I can't wait! :)

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Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance: Guest Post: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood (...

Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance: Guest Post: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood (...: Welcome to the Silver Hollow Blog Tour. Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood is a paranormal romance that looks well worth the read. I k...

I kind of flipped out when I saw fifteen comments on this post lol. Crazy! And thanks so much to everyone who has shown their support by hosting or commenting or entering the big giveaway. Love y'all!

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Tuesday Teaser


The chink of cups on trays woke her from the dream, and this time she wished she hadn’t woken. Because the night before came rushing back, along with the season she had lost since coming into the Wylder Mountains and left her roses behind…
The blood roses!
She sat up so quickly her vision swam and she pressed her fingers to her temple to stay the blood pumping back into her head. How could she have slept so late? The roses had not been tended, and even if that Wyne, Hvalla had tended the gardens, the Prince gave that one to her.
After hopping over the edge, she slipped her feet into the slippers waiting beside her bed.
“What troubles you, child?” Wyvar asked with underlying confusion and frustration.
“I forgot the roses,” she choked back a sob and rubbed her sleeve over her eyes.
Wyvar sputtered. “B-but it is nearly dinner time, and the Prince will not like to be kept waiting. And I brought you your favorite tea.”
“I can’t leave without telling them goodbye,” she said. Vynasha saw the golden dress waiting for her beside the wardrobe and, disregarding the Wyne in her presence, she began to strip and throw the garment on. She ignored the corset waiting to the side, favoring the gathered, diamond studded yellow fabric around her waist. It swished about her feet as she drew the laces of her stay together and tugged on the embroidered and jewel-studded jacket over it. She glanced in the mirror quickly and only bothered with the black ribbon to tie her heavy curls from her face.
All the while, Wyvar continued to drop spoons and upset his tray, while he spoke. “Leave? But I thought Grendall was helping you find a means of escape, and there’s still the Prince’s surprise…”
She looked at him, then, eyebrows raised and a twist of her mouth that plainly believed the contrary. Wyvar sighed and nodded slowly, resignedly and approached while she tied the black boots she had stashed from underneath her bed the other night.
“Those do not belong with that dress,” he gestured.
Vynasha pursed her lips and frowned at the frilly heels she was intended to wear. “I’d trip before I could even make it out on the grounds…Do you have the sack?”
Wyvar’s mouth worked silently and he stared as she rushed to grab both books from beside the crackling fire and return to stand across from him expectantly. “Why, yes, of course I remembered. It has everything you will need, I promise. But my dear girl, are you certain it must be now? After what happened last night…”
“What?” she cut in bitingly, “After I saw my wedding gown being stitched together before I had accepted the Prince’s proposal? Or before Grendall nearly took my head off?”
He hung his head and clutched the sack tightly between his hands in front of him. “Forgive me, Mistress…I shall, miss you I suppose is all. There will never be another like you. No one has tried to escape before and no woman has made it this far into the Prince’s affections. I had hoped…” he trailed off, his face closing up from betraying anything further. She surprised herself by wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders and tugging him close.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t be what you wanted,” she said against his ear. “But I never came to break any curses or be anyone’s savior. I promised my mother I’d find Ceddrych, and I’m going to do just that.” When she pulled away Wyvar was smiling foolishly, stupidly, hopefully, bless him.
“I understand. Perhaps you’ll come back?” He nodded upon seeing her answering smile. “Very well. What shall I do with this?”
This halted her in her tracks, stayed her hand flight out her door. “Take it to Grendall. He’ll know what to do.”

If y'all want to check out today's Bewitching Blog Tours post, come visit:

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Books and Other Spells: Book Tour: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood In...

Books and Other Spells: Book Tour: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood In...: Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Fantasy Romance/ Chick-lit Publisher: SilverWoodSketches ISBN: 1481000144   ISBN13:   9781481000147

Today's tour post is all about writing, future projects and Silver Hollow of course. :)

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Friday Fun!

Have you ever had those days where you feel like you were asleep even though you were awake? Today was one of those days for me, and ever since the other night, when I had that 90's dream, I've needed a heavy dose of nostalgia. So I borrowed my roomie's Sabrina the Teenaged Witch Season 1 and watched over a dozen episodes, and threw in some Bridget Jones' Diary to add to the mix. 

Now, after hours of decompressing from this long week, I feel ready to write again. 
Anyone else have something they do to purge their workweek? 
Feel free to share :D
And hope y'all have been following the Silver Hollow book tour! I've had so much fun visiting all of these different blogs and getting to know other readers/bloggers/authors :) Y'all are the best.

Happy Friday!

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Writing from Corsets to Bustiers...: [Guest Blog] Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood

Writing from Corsets to Bustiers...: [Guest Blog] Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood: Title: Silver Hollow Author: Jennifer Silverwood Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Fantasy Romance/ Chick-lit Publisher: SilverWoodSketches ...

Read an excerpt from Silver Hollow and check out my guest post to learn which character represents which person in real life. :) Happy Thursday peeps!

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Illusions of Intimacy: Interviewing Jennifer Silverwood about her paranor...

Illusions of Intimacy: Interviewing Jennifer Silverwood about her paranor...: I'm pleased to share an interview I conducted with Jennifer Silverwood about her new PNR/fantasy romance release, Silver Hollow. B...

Come learn more about the magic of Silver Hollow and why Amie did what she did at Marsha's cool blog!
Happy Wednesday everyone! Two more days til Friday! Woohoo!

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Teaser Tuesday


The thick shadow slivered away and was replaced by dimmed sunlight. She stared at the dagger and felt a mixture of relief, for the protection it promised, curiosity for its origins and above all a swift, oppressive assurance. She had felt so hopeless for so long, it was difficult to say when she had ceased to be herself and became a walking spiritless corpse. In spite of her soul’s wiliness to perish, her body thrived, no matter what exertion she submitted it to.
“I’ve lost everything I ever loved,” she whispered, to the dagger, the roses, to the wyld wood watching her from afar. Her fingers clenched the hard metal until her the gems imprinted her skin through the glove. Her eyes roved over the dying rose bush with its brittle black thorns and fevered passion filled her as she ran her other hand over it.
Ripping her gloves off her hands, she tossed them aside and, gripping the dagger once more, began to knick the edges off the dead stems. She whispered to the roses, just as Wynyth had all those years ago.
“I won’t let you die too. I won’t lie down in my grave and let us rot any longer. We’re going to live,” she breathed as she crawled to the next bush and began her work. “There’s only one way out of this now, mother and that is to fight, until we are free again. I will see us whole again. I will find him.” Her fingers were bloody by the time she finished her row, and the winds had chapped her cheeks and lips until they were bright red.
Distantly, the wolves howled and when she lifted her tired eyes, she saw several pairs of glowing greed eyes watching her with patient hunger. As she washed her hands in the snow, she looked back and saw the stems were budding and before her eyes, growing until they bloomed lush crimson petals the same shade as her blood.

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Mama Knows Books: {Book Tour} Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood

Mama Knows Books: {Book Tour} Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood: Once Upon a Boring College Day One uneventfully dull night, a random fit of inspiration took hold of me. In my mind, I saw this dark...

Here's the latest tour post. Come check out Shandy's pretty pink blog :) And click to learn more about how Silver Hollow transformed from short story to full-length novel.

Happy Monday! I know it'll be a good one!


Literary Hibernation

It's like this person got inside my head and read my mind haha. A lot of times I feel just like this, until I can't take it anymore and feel the need to resurface from hibernation ;)

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Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood :Character In...

Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews: Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood :Character In...:

Stop number two takes us where no Light Sidhe has gone before... If you read the book and ever wanted to know what happened to Jo, now's your chance! Our insider source has given information on her whereabouts. Hopefully Faye will see this report before their enemies do. So what are you waiting for, go check it out!

Thanks to Allison for wanting to know more about the twins ;)

Also, check out this Silver Hollow spotlight at Lavender and Camomile Press

Thanks to these loverly bloggers for hosting!

And if you haven't yet, come check out the giveaway currently going on at: Curling Up With A Good Book

See y'all there!

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Bewitching Book Tours: Now on Tour Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood

Bewitching Book Tours: Now on Tour Silver Hollow by Jennifer Silverwood: March 8 Guest Post Curling Up With A Good Book March 9 Author Interview  Lau...

Check this out for dates, another chance at the giveaway and a peek at one of my short stories: Masque. :)

Curling Up With A Good Book: Blog Tour & Guest Post: Silver Hollow (Jennifer Si...

Curling Up With A Good Book: Blog Tour & Guest Post: Silver Hollow (Jennifer Si...: Amie Wentworth writes paranormal romances, not because she is looking for a degree in ectoplasm, but because she’s got bills to pay. Ever...

First stop in the Silver Hollow Tour! Come visit this awesome blog for a chance to get to know me and the characters, and especially to sign up to win a free ebook or print copy! Spread the word :)

Oh and HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! Hope your day is the best :)


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Blog Tour Starts Tomorrow

Just a reminder to all you awesome possum peeps who have followed along and cared to keep track of my movements lol. Silver Hollow's online tour starts tomorrow! I'm super excited to dive in after all the planning, etc. Hope to see y'all there!
Don't forget to check out the schedule, posted within the tab on my website HERE.
To sign up "officially" and just for fun, check these out: EventPgGoodreads & EventpgFacebook

Enjoy the adventure!

Jenn :)

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Tuesday Teaser!

photo by Amber Leach

Candlelight parted with her shadow as she passed each candelabrum, marking the Prince’s new trail. With each step in her booted feet, with the thick, fur-lined cloak keeping her warm, she reclaimed her resolve. For later, after she had spent her evening with the Prince, Grendall would come to her again. This time, he would be in her territory and therefore their dealings would be in her terms. She had little to bargain with, but was determined to root out something he might want from her.
The candle’s trail led her to the first level of the castle and farther down the eastern end than she had traveled before. The gargoyles and columns gave way to narrower arches and stately doors. Even the tapestries, depicting the faces of beasts and winged women and men, of sea people and slithering, reptilian creatures, seemed clearer here. She soon realized this was because the trail was leading toward an open door ahead. The hall bent to the right and then she saw him, surrounded in a pool of white light that stretched past and obscured his shadow, until it dimly touched her feet.
“Beauty, I see you are wearing my gift,” the Prince growled out in a surprisingly soft voice and stretched out his hand towards her.
She slipped her black gloved hand in his without comment or question, though she very much wanted to know where he had been today. The Prince never came to her. She was brought always to him in the great hall where they had dined near every night of her imprisonment. That he only occupied his time with books, she highly doubted. Though at times, during their conversations, he seemed to carry the knowledge of the earth with him.
Yet she recalled his mention of trouble, while he had left her to study his text on the Eirwen Mountains. And the thought came to her then, that if there were ruffians causing trouble, as he put it, on the borders of his land, perhaps they would be willing to help her?
But at what cost to Wyvar and Lyttia and Myrel?
Was she selfish enough to trade the lives of people who weren’t even solid, living beings, she pondered. Surely they would want gold or something the Prince was keeping hidden away in this castle.
“Something troubles you, Beauty,” the Prince said, while he pressed his hand to the metal guard past the door. A long arched tunnel, covered with twisting ropes of dead vines and thorns, carried the pathway further outside the castle.
“I am only weary, I suppose.” Vynasha tried to peer through the cracks for any glimpse of real sunlight. It had been so long since she had felt it directly on her skin, and she longed for the days she worked in Wynyth’s rose garden.
“Were you so worried over my wellbeing, then?” He asked with a low rumble, and she realized he was laughing. Truthfully, she had not thought of him much at all the previous night. After his very direct proposal, she had only been able to see the renewed urgency of her escape, of finding her way to Ceddrych.
“I am grateful not to be alone,” she replied honestly. His chuckle made her shiver, through his covered furry arm, up through the fabric of her glove and into her skin.
“This castle can feel like a prison…” His voice fell silent after this and she froze when the gate opened at last and brilliant, white sunlight awaited them. She stiffened, until he added soothingly, “You are safe, I assure you, Beauty. Trust me.”
She nodded and glanced at his large, claw-toed feet as they stepped out into the soft snow. The drift made her glad for the tall boots Lyttia had left out for her this morning. At first, the sun was so consuming of every detail of her shadow trained eyes that she had difficulty adjusting. Her fingers pressed harder into the Prince’s velvety cloak as they stepped further into the frozen garden. Vaguely, she wondered if he truly needed protection when his body was already lined with such thick white fur.
The wind hit her first, gently as though it had been restrained. It tugged at her loose curls and carried the piney fern and earthy scent of the forest, of wylder places and the endless journey she had taken on the old beggar’s path. Tears pricked her eyes as she realized she had grown so accustomed to the scent of stone and must and decay. So when she blinked against the sun’s reflective glare, she felt the rest of the world rushing back with startling clarity.
The first thing she noticed was the clusters of berries, gleaming like drops of blood in the snow. Dead shrubs stood valiantly against winter’s harsh grip that lined out symmetrical rows, mapping out a strange pattern around the open garden. A fountain sat at the garden’s center and pathways were dusted, closer to the hidden ice coated earth. Snow fell over their heads in gentle waves, and when she looked back over her shoulder, she realized the castle was keeping the high mountain winds at bay. It rose high into the sky, so the tops of the uttermost towers were masked by lazy clouds that hid the face of the sun. Even though they were standing in the castle’s shadow, it was brighter than anything she had grown accustomed to during her stay. 

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________ Mondays!

It's been a fantabulous Monday, peeps! 

Guess what, in only four days the Silver Hollow Tour begins! I'm really excited to get to know all of you better and hope you'll visit the tour. Here's a Goodreads event link if you haven't checked it out or I don't know you through there. :)

Ohre is in my editor's to-do list and we'll be working on that most of the rest of this month. :) 

I'm so thankful to the awesome chicas who have reviewed and or read "Stay." Here's the latest book blitz from Jessica at "That Girl Reads." Come check her out!

In other news, I was telling my friend I mentioned above, Jessica, that I noticed a link between The Walking Dead and Blade 2. You ready for this Daryl fans? Daryl himself, the most interesting and bad ace character arguably on TWD, plays the street kid Scud in Blade 2! I was watching Guillermo Del Torro's take on the comic vamp, in the mood for some action, and kept thinking, this dude's voice is soooo

Now I'm off to work on some more tour stuff, and write Vynasha! To learn more about that novel, just check out the teaser tomorrow. :D

Happy Monday! It's gonna be a great week! Just wait and see ;)


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Cover Reveal

For weeks now you've been seeing Tuesday Teasers featuring "Ohre" book two in the Qeya series. Well, now you have a cover to go with the story ;) 
If you haven't read Qeya yet, you can purchase it on Amazon or Smashwords

Najla Qamber made this the same time she made the new cover for Qeya, but I wanted to wait until it was written and about to be edited before sharing. It's almost finished lol. Just the last big scenes for this last chapter and then it's off to Jessica's capable hands.