Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Teaser

Since we sort of missed out on the teaser for Tuesday, I thought I'd share it today instead. Working hard to finish Ohre, the sequel to Qeya.

Don't forget to check out the schedule for Silver Hollow's book tour here: 
And be sure to spread the word to your friends. Chances to learn more behind the scenes, get to know the characters and get a chance to win free copies and swag all through the month of March!
Have a rockin' Thurs, peeps!

Jenn :)

Rain gave us cover as I followed Adi to the village edge. Through the wide-leafed plants and vines, the settlement was so close I could count the hairs on the backs of the children’s heads. I could have aimed my gauntlet and set their wooden and mud huts to blaze with a mere flick of my wrist. But, much as I loved the hunt, I wasn’t water logged. I wasn’t so totally unhinged that I would murder unknowing creatures. I preferred my prey capable of fighting back.
I remember as a child, running through the tunnels where Old Brien and Adi’s clan mined for bare minerals and dust. Beasts lived there too, only these had been hunted nearly to extinction, save those that lived in the deepest cracks of the world. And unfortunately for me, I preferred dark and abysmal to light. Most of my scars came from stepping into another creature’s territory. I was air kissed to make it out alive, but the very first time I went below I lost my way.
I was much smaller then and the dark reminded me more of my home beneath the sea than the too-bright, too-clear caves the clan indwelled. I was used to hunting, not mining, and I brought my old bone blade with me, determined to face the terrors I had heard haunted such places.
The creature came from nowhere. I had followed the sound of the slight scratches of its claws against the cave walls, the slither of its belly on wet stone. It clawed me in the gut first, but I ended its existence swiftly and with relish. For a moment I could pretend I was with my blood clan, before the liquid heat ate them alive. I lifted the beast over my head and let out the same ancient cry as those who came before had over countless kills. But the creature was much smaller than I anticipated. When I looked better at it, I realized it was a child I had murdered. Other soft, mewling cries came from the same corner it had sprung. Its brothers and sisters, I recognized with cold clarity, and the knowledge its mother must be somewhere close by. In this way, I had killed my own kind and for the first time, wished I could weep over it.
“Ohre!” Adi hissed so faintly, no land dwelling creature could have heard it. But we were used to the tight pressure of the deep, and our ears needed to hear further and better. I blinked and focused on the gray skinned, tattooed face of my ship mate and remembered our mission. I was one step from a pitfall, her gloved hand the only thing keeping me back. 

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