Monday, February 18, 2013

______ Mondays!

I'm not surprised that this book is getting made into a movie. I mean, come on, it's Steph Meyer lol. But having never read The Host, this trailer, I admit, has got me kind of excited!

This is probably the first time I've wanted to actually go to the movies more than once a season lol. Check these book turned movies out. See a trend here maybe? 

Yep, Young Adult books are having a field day right now. I suppose that's one thing we can thank Twilight for. But I'm excited about these adult titles too!

Comment below and share your favorite movies or upcoming releases you're excited about!
And if you're like me, share which books you'd like made into a movie next?
I'll go first: Wanderlove by Belle Mallory, Frey by Melissa Wright, Timber Wolves Trilogy by Tammy Blackwell, Whirl by Emma Ravelling and Angelfall by Susan Ee!

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