Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Teaser!

Last night I finished up a big project of mine and now I can breathe again for a moment! lol
Here's a teaser from Ohre, Book 2 in Heaven's Edge.

All seas are essentially the same, made up of water or something just as fluid. But I was surprised by how familiar this one felt. Besides a stronger presence of an alien mineral I knew not to name, it even smelled the same. But each kick of my legs made me feel stronger, every pass of water through my gills made me faster. Qeya’s form curved and bent in angles mine could not, slightly ahead of me. She held the scanner in her hand, using it to light her way, while I trusted my gut and the infrablue vision my ancestors passed down to me.
We cut through the waters in a way that would have slowed us down on Datura. Yet here, we soared.
For the length of a league we saw nothing but dim shadows marking the ocean floor. Nothing stirred in the deep to give away the position of approaching gill breathers or beasts, making me even more suspicious. Just because nothing stirred the waters did not mean they weren’t below, watching us. But if there was truly nothing here, I had to wonder why.
Qeya’s hand squeezed mine and I shivered because of the sparks shooting from the sensitive nerves in my fingertips and up my arm. I turned to follow her pointed gaze, noticing the increased pulse of the scanner in her hands. With my infrablue vision I saw what her eyes couldn’t. I saw past the flat seabed to the caves underneath it and wondered just how deep this ocean went to the core. And as I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever find Pioneer, if it would be best to turn back and try again tomorrow, Qeya threw her body erect before me and paused. I righted myself quickly and followed the direction of her outstretched hand, where the scanner was now flashing wildly.
Her glowing golden eyes were wide with something that smelled like fear and I soon understood why.
The sea bed that had been bare several strokes back was now littered with sea grass. When I followed the trail further, I realized it stretched on into the distance, an endless forest. Just below I could make out the silvery shell of the Pioneer. When I looked up to check the scanner, Qeya was already looking back at me. She nodded to me and led the descent.
Water pressed against us from all sides the deeper we kicked. I could see the strain in her limbs as she struggled to push past the growing pressure. My kind craved the skull pounding weight of the deep and I grinned as I swam ahead, pulling her with me.
It was hard to tell how bad damage to the hull was just yet, but I was confident we could breech inside easy. The shuttle wasn’t my main concern, though. Rather the bubbles I kept seeing in the waters around us and though she couldn’t see them yet, the abandoned dwellings hidden in the forest.
So there’s life below after all, or least there was.
Qeya reached for the latch on the outside hatch until I grabbed her hands. Her eyes blazed scythes into mine and I released her before reaching for the hatch myself. I twisted and even with my strength it wouldn’t budge. When she saw me activate my wrist blade, she left a flurry of bubbles in the wake of her kicks to escape.
This was one invention of mine I was proud to claim. Old Brien used to say I was a fool for taking scrap metal apart and piecing it together again. Turns out my troublemaking had some benefits. The Royals liked my inventions so much, they made their own version of my writs blade. Not my fault they were weaker and tended to shut down after a season. Their fault for not putting a filthy miner in charge. My wrist blade had evolved over the seasons and I had the habit of adding and modifying its many features. The hidden blade was only one weapon and the blaster another personal favorite of mine. But the power pulse, I used to bust us out of Second Deck last season. At this depth, it seemed the best choice to reverse and use to drag Pioneer to the surface. I felt a boost to my malehood when the Royal Princess backed off. She had seen what I could do.
In the water, everything was different. I couldn’t move as quickly as I could on land. When I brought my two middle fingers to touch my palm and the tracer hidden against my skin, the propulsion forced me to kick hard, just to keep from careening back into Qeya. I used some of my last personal stash of chole dust to power up my blade earlier that day. Hopefully I wasn’t going to regret wasting it on this hunk of scrap now. The cool water heated up quickly as the glowing rope latched onto the hull like a sticky web. This was Adi’s compound at work. When set to the right pressure and heat, it made a goop stronger than the tightest cables.
I turned back to find Qeya and found her closer than I had expected, her back to me. When I reached to touch her shoulder, she whipped round so fast her image blurred before settling. Her eyes were wide and frightened and I knew then she must have seen the abandoned dwellings.
Hoping to take her mind off the reason why we were sitting wirms in a grave town, I smiled and nodded my head back to the gold coil attaching my arm to the shuttle. She smiled and shook her head. I reached to press a finger to her forehead and hoped she wouldn’t misinterpret my request. 

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