Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tuesday Teaser!

Tweaking the curtain’s layer aside, I watched the storm blanket the outside world in a snow so fine it floated like flour. Here I could almost feel the cold again, rattling against the glass and crawling across it in icy patterns.

Cain had yet to emerge and as I waited and watched the storm ensue, I was evermore convinced of the solidity of my curse. What better punishment could he have given me, really? To be forced to remain inside this enclosed space with a man who wore his face? Cain could never know what torture this was for me.

He should never have seen you in the first place…

Taking my lower lip between my teeth to bite back the sudden chill, I wrapped my arms about my chest. It was still too cold. I was cold and determined to find the cure for my current weakness. If Cain did not look the mirror image of Seid then I wouldn’t be so distracted, off balance. How much easier it was to forget humanity but how much simpler the job? I could be rid of Cain and the terrible reminders of my past he wore like a mask.

Behind me the radio crackled into life and I listened to its low electric hum. Without turning I knew he was there, turning the old knobs and adjusting the volume. Buzzing gave way to a monotone voice on the radio, spouting off facts about the weather that I could have already told Cain about.

Touching my chin to my shoulder, I watched him leaned forward in concentration. Water matted his black hair into spikes and peppered his skin with a fresh sheen. If I shut my eyes, I could almost see the one who bound me, his smile bright as the white sun as he emerged from our latest dip in the sea. 

I fought the sudden urge to bury my face in Cain's chest and run my fingers through that hair. 

He's not Seid...

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