Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Cover for Qeya

As we get closer to the publication of Ohre, Book Two in my YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy series, Heaven's Edge, I felt like it was time for some changes. 
For Qeya, my first published work period, I did my own artwork. It was raw and off the cuff lol with charcoal and chalk pastels. 

But it was obvious I needed help with the formatting/design and so I went to DeviantArt to look for someone. One of my favorite artist was Redeemer Of Light, and her stuff is frikkin awesome! I noticed she did book covers and so I went to her humbly, wondering if she'd have time to deal with little unknown me. To my surprise, Naj not only responded almost immediately, but she was willing to help perfect my art for commercial use. 

It was a great first experience and one I wouldn't trade. 

So fast forward to the present. I've got one book published and out in the wide world and another on its way. I wanted to go ahead and finish Ohre, the second of my novella series, but wasn't in the mood to do the artwork this go around. 

By this point, Naj and I have collaborated a couple other times and I was super excited to get her involved. Together, with our combined efforts of research (me;) and design (her) this was the final product:

ImageCredit: <a href=''>gromovataya / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

It should appear on Smashwords and the Amazon links. And if you've already downloaded Qeya, there should be an option for you to update whichever format you have on your device. :) 

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