Friday, January 11, 2013

Interview with Author Jodie Pierce!

I recently sat down with fellow blogger/authoress, Jodie Pierce, to ask her about writing, life and of course, the supernatural. This is my first author interview so give a big round of applause as we welcome to the Vampire Queen herself,

To learn more about Jodie and her work you can visit her website: TheVampireQueen

Me: I noticed you have a thing for Vampires ;) How did your love for the supernatural begin? 

JP: I’m not really sure. I’ve liked vampires for as long as I can remember. I remember as a child of about 7 years old, wrapping a sheet around my neck on a hot summer’s night so the vampires couldn’t get me…LOL

Me: What was it that inspired you to not just write but to become a writer? 

JP: I loved to write and I figured if I like to write, I might as well be an author and get my stuff published. I didn’t want people to read my stuff at first but after allowing my high school teacher read a story and she loved it, that encouraged me.

Me: Though I haven’t read your books yet, I notice that they’re about a female vampire, the queen. I am intrigued because of that one fact. Especially since most supernatural romances are about a human girl who meets a not-human boy. How important was it to you to write a strong, female protagonist?  

JP: All my stories have strong female protagonists. I like to go for the different plus I like writing as a woman since I can relate a little better. I also want to promote female power…LOL

Me: What are your writing goals for the new year?  

JP: I hope to actually make money as an Author. Now it’s minimal and I hope to make more which means more people are reading my books and that’s always good since that’s the reason I write them.

Me: What’s your favorite vampire in literature?  

JP: Lestat by Anne Rice.

Tom Cruise as Lestat in "Interview With the Vampire"

Me: If you could choose to be vamp, human or another supernatural being, what would you choose and why? 

JP: I would chose to be a vampire as long as I could bring my hubby with me for eternity. I just think it would be interesting and drinking blood could be sensual. I would love to be the sensual vampire, craved by men and women and just have the alluring powers vampire have.

Me: Last, but not least, I have to ask, Damon Salvatore vs. Erik Northman. Who would you pick? ;) 


JP: Erik Northman with his long hair only.

Come check out her fantabulous series: "The Vampire Queen" Click on picks below for links.


  1. Great interview! Thanks for having me!
    Keep Writing!
    Jodie Pierce

    1. Thanks Jodie :) You were a lovely guest! Good luck with your books! -Jenn