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Tuesday Teaser!

So I obviously skipped my Monday post! Sorry about that, but I fell asleep while reading last night and never made it lol. Anyhow, here is my Tuesday Teaser, taken from Ohre, Book Two in the Heaven's Edge series. :) Hope everyone's having a fantabulous week!

While Qeya slept I returned to the gaping hole that had been the deck’s hull. I dragged my thumb over my gauntlet and watched as a soft light emitted from between my webbed fingers and illuminated the wreckage inside. Qeya had avoided coming on deck since she came to us. When I looked at it I tried only seeing parts and plates hiding the gears inside. The projected images of home world no longer flickered against the walls. Adi had tasked me with draining as much excess power as I could transfer to the Pioneer.
I knew if I didn’t busy myself, after what Qeya had told me, I would start to lose it again. And this time there weren’t any monsters waiting to be slain out in the wet forest. I approached the power grid that I had gripped the moment second deck split from the main ship and began to fall into Nukvar’s outer sphere. Clenching my jaw, I pushed past the memory of the children screaming and gripped the edge of a closed section. The rip of metal echoed through the hollow hull. After tossing the metal aside, I lifted my gauntlet to look at the pulse of blue energy traveling through wire coils and circuits.
I had always had affection for metal and inventing things, always known where the wires went, how they came together like a nebulous web. Never could stand to mine dust and gasses like the others. Fixing things was something I understood. And I couldn’t fix her. I couldn’t fix any of them and I doubted Adi would be able to fix our ship.
As I connected the cable to my gauntlet, she appeared.
“Don’t speak of her,” I warned Adi as she came to crouch down beside me. Her eyes gleamed like tiny twin leaves as they met mine.
“Good to see you working for a change,” she gruffly replied.
I ignored her and hoped she would leave me be. Any other sane miner knew to leave me to get rid of the darkness in my own way, or send me away. Adi had been living with Royals for too long. She might skin me for telling her so, but she was a lot softer than I remembered, before she joined the shuttle crew.
“Ohre, you know we must send her back. She don’t belong here with us out here, away from her kind. And from what I heard tonight, she sounds a stone’s throw shy from going mad…”
“Told you not to say anything,” I grunted low as I twisted the cable free and clenched my fist. More energy was in my gauntlet than there should be and the pressure gave my skin a faint buzz. If she kept talking I might plant it to her chest.
“They all do,” she said. “I noticed it when the ship crashed. Captain, Won and Bruu seemed hale enough, besides their shock. But Min, Qori and Tamn were…off, worse than water-logged.”
The lights from the console faded and I ripped another panel free, then threw it so it barely missed her leg. Adi was silent until I started to drain the last power cell. Her hand on my arm was a shock. She had never touched me before unless necessary, or to maim me. If I weren’t the mistrusting miner I claimed to be, I’d have said she was trying to be gentle with me.
“You’ll fry your gears if you don’t get rid of the last batch.” Her grip tightened for an indeterminable moment.
I nodded and stood, then braced my hands on the edge of the consol. A fine layer of dust and grime already coated the once pristine screens and buttons and levers. I stared at Adi’s reflection beside mine.
“We have to let her go, Ohre.”
“I don’t want her to go alone.”
After another pause, she motioned to an even darker corner of the tilted deck. “Come, let me how you something.” We walked over old training equipment and avoided the empty barracks, in favor of gray and white checkered panels. Here was where the projections of home world had constantly played, a leaking reminder of what they would never return to reclaim.
Adi shared a secret grin with me before she placed her fingertips over the panels, reached for the creases. “You never cared much for how Datura 3 was made. You came to us after and for so long you were nothing more than a wild sea urchin,” she laughed roughly at her own joke.
I rolled my eyes and studied her movements, waiting for her to tell me something useful.
“Royals took over our ship, Ohre, but they couldn’t take our imprint. We was the ones who made it, savvy? Don’t you be forgetting that.” A light emitted from the cracks in the paneling. I stepped back when the gray ones pushed out from the hull and watched as Adi pried a square metal sheet from an illuminated box.
“What did you do?” I asked her, frowning and gaping at the stash of gasses, chole dust reserves, data pads and weaponry waiting inside.
Adi snatched a shell shaped compressor and grinned at me. “We hid these here before the Royals came on board, back when this was our quarters.” She passed me several more reserves and I shoved them into the various pockets in my tool belt. There was enough power in one of these tiny vials to travel 80K leagues in the heavens. And then I looked up at the other storage units.
“What else have you hidden?”
Adi twirled a blaster between her fingers. “Something’s been on my mind that I kept from you, mate.”
“Besides all this?” I asked dryly and motioned to the rest of the units. Her grin made her slanted eyes even narrower and reminded me why I had stayed away from the females of my kind in the past.
“I told you to forget about the Royals, but if we want to get Pioneer off the ground, we’re going to need Remin.” Before I could question her further, she turned her back on me and began to shove more supplies into the sack she had brought in with her.
Remin was the other miner on the Pioneer and had not only designed the shuttle, but all of Datura 3. He was so brilliant the Royals took him from his clan and made him build more ships, more weapons, more technology they could steal from us. He was also the miner I watched get speared by the Var, the same day we found the shuttle crew and lost half of them.
“You’re the one who’s leaking in the brain,” I finally said.
Her voice hardened and her shoulders stiffened but she didn’t look at me. This was a bad sign. “There are things about ship crafting I have no knowledge of. No way a miner couldn’t survive a splinter wound like that.”
“He didn’t show with Tamn, Adi.”
“Tamn’s weak!” she hissed, rounding on me  and snatching me by the metal collar of my suit. “He blacks out and wakes up alive, means he’s lucky. Don’t mean the others are dead. And fact is, unless you want to spend the rest of our lives trying to make a bird fly that can’t, we’re going to solve both our problems. We’ll escort her royal highness back into that valley and once we send her on her way, we’re going after Remin.”

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Fun Fridays!

Hope everyone has had a blast of a Friday! As things are calming down family-wise, I'm planning on getting some writing done this weekend. Thanks to everyone who prayed for my family. We've needed it! And it's always wonderful to be reminded that you aren't as alone as you may have felt. 

I have nothing special to share or report today, so as I am fond of doing instead, I'm posting a fun vid! Let's let this meme live up to its name. :) 


Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper
Ep 1 
(actually pretty cool for a fan vid!)

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Tuesday Teaser

from "Vynasha" (working title)

Without the advantage of sight, her other senses picked up other things she might not have noticed otherwise. On the other side of the door she could hear the heavy padding of paws and claw tips clicking against the stone floor. The unmistakable breathing of a creature taunted her, hollow in its massive chest.
For a moment it sounded as though the creature had moved past her cell. Perhaps it had not picked up on her scent after all? Hesitantly she stepped closer to the door until she was but an arms stretch before the heavy door. Her fingers grazed the damp wood and a pair of golden eyes appeared instantly before her.
Vynasha screamed and stumbled back when the beast’s breath filtered through the bars and caressed her skin. Her scream died into a hoarse croak in the back of her throat. She watched as the door began to rattle and shake and the beast’s too-knowing eyes narrowed. With greater force it began to pound on the door’s frame. Soon the rocks it was attached began to give way.
She tripped over something hard and narrow and fell into a pile of what could be nothing but bones. Her scream died in her throat when the rocks cave din and broke into shards which bounced and sliced open her cheek. The beast roared as it rushed in over the wreckage and pinned her in with its four limbs. Fur covered her with its sweet musky scent and liquid escaped its jowls as it bent its neck lower.
Keeping her eyes clenched shut, Vynasha wondered if this was how it would end, if her quest to find her brother had been doomed from the beginning and this moment her penance for living in the past.
The beast breathed over her face and then something hot, slick and wet brushed over her bloody cheek. She prepared herself for the horrifying moment its teeth ripped open her face. And for some sick and unthinkable reason, she opened her eyes to watch.
Its eyes were yellow and yet eerily like a man’s, though it was certainly beastly. The way it looked at her now made her shiver and break into pieces from within. The look in the monster’s eyes shifted from hunger to curiosity and then pain.
Vynasha gaped as her body was carefully lifted off the rocks. The creature limped as it used its other three legs to avoid the rubble and draw them into a clean corner. The stone still smelled moldy and damp and the creature’s fur carried the perfume of death. But she couldn’t deny the relief she felt when it curled its massive body into a ball and draped her across its chest.
Together they lay, with its claws pressing unthreateningly against her back and its protruding upper fangs in her tangled hair. She would have thought it impossible to fall asleep at a time like this. But she knew Wyvar would be some time in fetching the dungeon master. It would be best to keep the beast calm until they could find a way to slip her from its clutches.
So she whispered in the darkness, “Thank you.” She froze, hoping her voice would not startle it. Instead a low rumble began from deep in its chest and filled her with courage. “You are lucky I’m not my brother. Ceddrych would have tried to spear you on sight. He was always going on about slaying dragons and monsters when we were younger…”
The beast huffed what could have been a sigh, if it were a man.
“I went along with his dreams, not because I believed in them so much as I wanted to go with him, wherever he went. We could have been happy, running away from our valley and seeing the world. Things turned out quite differently than he expected. I wonder what he would have thought of this place.”
Tears threatened to ruin her calm, so she forced her limbs to uncoil and her heart to slow. The beast’s arm around her waist was heavy but not oppressive and almost like one of the bearskins left behind in her cottage.
“I wonder if he really is dead,” she finally admitted aloud. Bitterly, she added, “I wonder if this whole journey was not created, just to ruin my chances at ever seeing him again.” Her tears fell and the beast gave a keening whine. Her fingers reached up to stroke its pelt and this was how she found herself taking comfort from and comforting a being of nightmare.
Soon the pounding in her chest subsided and then she felt a pressing weight fall over her conscience. It was everything she could do to keep her eyes peeled and so much easier to sleep.

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Friday Fav

A favorite of mine is that loverly, non-descript ne genre called "New Adult." I'm in that twenty-something category right now, myself and can relate to the triumphs and woes of characters going through similar life situations. My current fav New Adult is the book I finished reading maybe an hour ago. Here's my praise for Colleen Hoover's "Hopeless."

HopelessHopeless by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished reading one of the best books I will ever read in my life. That's a loaded promise from someone who's barely lived a quarter of their potential life. That's a lot of books I will potentially read, but it stands true for "Hopeless." The third of Hoover's novels transcends what she already established after Point of Retreat. I didn't think it was possible to find a better New Adult contemporary after Slammed, and Hoover proved otherwise with her own work. So thank you Colleen Hoover, for creating Holder, Sky and Hope and reminding me that even the darkest nights are still lit by the stars.

View all my reviews

Kay now that you've seen that, you have to check out these other fantabulous reads! 

Slammed+Point of Retreat 

by Colleen Hoover

Obviously there's a lot more than this small selection, but you'll have to go and hunt them down to find out! A great resource meantime is New Adult Alley. Follow the link here: 

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Tuesday Teaser!

Last night I finished up a big project of mine and now I can breathe again for a moment! lol
Here's a teaser from Ohre, Book 2 in Heaven's Edge.

All seas are essentially the same, made up of water or something just as fluid. But I was surprised by how familiar this one felt. Besides a stronger presence of an alien mineral I knew not to name, it even smelled the same. But each kick of my legs made me feel stronger, every pass of water through my gills made me faster. Qeya’s form curved and bent in angles mine could not, slightly ahead of me. She held the scanner in her hand, using it to light her way, while I trusted my gut and the infrablue vision my ancestors passed down to me.
We cut through the waters in a way that would have slowed us down on Datura. Yet here, we soared.
For the length of a league we saw nothing but dim shadows marking the ocean floor. Nothing stirred in the deep to give away the position of approaching gill breathers or beasts, making me even more suspicious. Just because nothing stirred the waters did not mean they weren’t below, watching us. But if there was truly nothing here, I had to wonder why.
Qeya’s hand squeezed mine and I shivered because of the sparks shooting from the sensitive nerves in my fingertips and up my arm. I turned to follow her pointed gaze, noticing the increased pulse of the scanner in her hands. With my infrablue vision I saw what her eyes couldn’t. I saw past the flat seabed to the caves underneath it and wondered just how deep this ocean went to the core. And as I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever find Pioneer, if it would be best to turn back and try again tomorrow, Qeya threw her body erect before me and paused. I righted myself quickly and followed the direction of her outstretched hand, where the scanner was now flashing wildly.
Her glowing golden eyes were wide with something that smelled like fear and I soon understood why.
The sea bed that had been bare several strokes back was now littered with sea grass. When I followed the trail further, I realized it stretched on into the distance, an endless forest. Just below I could make out the silvery shell of the Pioneer. When I looked up to check the scanner, Qeya was already looking back at me. She nodded to me and led the descent.
Water pressed against us from all sides the deeper we kicked. I could see the strain in her limbs as she struggled to push past the growing pressure. My kind craved the skull pounding weight of the deep and I grinned as I swam ahead, pulling her with me.
It was hard to tell how bad damage to the hull was just yet, but I was confident we could breech inside easy. The shuttle wasn’t my main concern, though. Rather the bubbles I kept seeing in the waters around us and though she couldn’t see them yet, the abandoned dwellings hidden in the forest.
So there’s life below after all, or least there was.
Qeya reached for the latch on the outside hatch until I grabbed her hands. Her eyes blazed scythes into mine and I released her before reaching for the hatch myself. I twisted and even with my strength it wouldn’t budge. When she saw me activate my wrist blade, she left a flurry of bubbles in the wake of her kicks to escape.
This was one invention of mine I was proud to claim. Old Brien used to say I was a fool for taking scrap metal apart and piecing it together again. Turns out my troublemaking had some benefits. The Royals liked my inventions so much, they made their own version of my writs blade. Not my fault they were weaker and tended to shut down after a season. Their fault for not putting a filthy miner in charge. My wrist blade had evolved over the seasons and I had the habit of adding and modifying its many features. The hidden blade was only one weapon and the blaster another personal favorite of mine. But the power pulse, I used to bust us out of Second Deck last season. At this depth, it seemed the best choice to reverse and use to drag Pioneer to the surface. I felt a boost to my malehood when the Royal Princess backed off. She had seen what I could do.
In the water, everything was different. I couldn’t move as quickly as I could on land. When I brought my two middle fingers to touch my palm and the tracer hidden against my skin, the propulsion forced me to kick hard, just to keep from careening back into Qeya. I used some of my last personal stash of chole dust to power up my blade earlier that day. Hopefully I wasn’t going to regret wasting it on this hunk of scrap now. The cool water heated up quickly as the glowing rope latched onto the hull like a sticky web. This was Adi’s compound at work. When set to the right pressure and heat, it made a goop stronger than the tightest cables.
I turned back to find Qeya and found her closer than I had expected, her back to me. When I reached to touch her shoulder, she whipped round so fast her image blurred before settling. Her eyes were wide and frightened and I knew then she must have seen the abandoned dwellings.
Hoping to take her mind off the reason why we were sitting wirms in a grave town, I smiled and nodded my head back to the gold coil attaching my arm to the shuttle. She smiled and shook her head. I reached to press a finger to her forehead and hoped she wouldn’t misinterpret my request. 

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That Girl Reads: Guest Post: Jennifer Silverwood

That Girl Reads: Guest Post: Jennifer Silverwood: "Reader/Writer     Something I've never really thought much about until recently, is how important it is for a writer to be a reade...

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Interview with Author Jodie Pierce!

I recently sat down with fellow blogger/authoress, Jodie Pierce, to ask her about writing, life and of course, the supernatural. This is my first author interview so give a big round of applause as we welcome to the Vampire Queen herself,

To learn more about Jodie and her work you can visit her website: TheVampireQueen

Me: I noticed you have a thing for Vampires ;) How did your love for the supernatural begin? 

JP: I’m not really sure. I’ve liked vampires for as long as I can remember. I remember as a child of about 7 years old, wrapping a sheet around my neck on a hot summer’s night so the vampires couldn’t get me…LOL

Me: What was it that inspired you to not just write but to become a writer? 

JP: I loved to write and I figured if I like to write, I might as well be an author and get my stuff published. I didn’t want people to read my stuff at first but after allowing my high school teacher read a story and she loved it, that encouraged me.

Me: Though I haven’t read your books yet, I notice that they’re about a female vampire, the queen. I am intrigued because of that one fact. Especially since most supernatural romances are about a human girl who meets a not-human boy. How important was it to you to write a strong, female protagonist?  

JP: All my stories have strong female protagonists. I like to go for the different plus I like writing as a woman since I can relate a little better. I also want to promote female power…LOL

Me: What are your writing goals for the new year?  

JP: I hope to actually make money as an Author. Now it’s minimal and I hope to make more which means more people are reading my books and that’s always good since that’s the reason I write them.

Me: What’s your favorite vampire in literature?  

JP: Lestat by Anne Rice.

Tom Cruise as Lestat in "Interview With the Vampire"

Me: If you could choose to be vamp, human or another supernatural being, what would you choose and why? 

JP: I would chose to be a vampire as long as I could bring my hubby with me for eternity. I just think it would be interesting and drinking blood could be sensual. I would love to be the sensual vampire, craved by men and women and just have the alluring powers vampire have.

Me: Last, but not least, I have to ask, Damon Salvatore vs. Erik Northman. Who would you pick? ;) 


JP: Erik Northman with his long hair only.

Come check out her fantabulous series: "The Vampire Queen" Click on picks below for links.

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New Cover for Qeya

As we get closer to the publication of Ohre, Book Two in my YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy series, Heaven's Edge, I felt like it was time for some changes. 
For Qeya, my first published work period, I did my own artwork. It was raw and off the cuff lol with charcoal and chalk pastels. 

But it was obvious I needed help with the formatting/design and so I went to DeviantArt to look for someone. One of my favorite artist was Redeemer Of Light, and her stuff is frikkin awesome! I noticed she did book covers and so I went to her humbly, wondering if she'd have time to deal with little unknown me. To my surprise, Naj not only responded almost immediately, but she was willing to help perfect my art for commercial use. 

It was a great first experience and one I wouldn't trade. 

So fast forward to the present. I've got one book published and out in the wide world and another on its way. I wanted to go ahead and finish Ohre, the second of my novella series, but wasn't in the mood to do the artwork this go around. 

By this point, Naj and I have collaborated a couple other times and I was super excited to get her involved. Together, with our combined efforts of research (me;) and design (her) this was the final product:

ImageCredit: <a href=''>gromovataya / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

It should appear on Smashwords and the Amazon links. And if you've already downloaded Qeya, there should be an option for you to update whichever format you have on your device. :) 

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Tuesday Teaser!

Energy was running low in this part of the city. Ice raced to snap power lines and freeze up pipes. While the people did what they could, only I knew the storm was about to cease and the weak sun reclaim their world. I might have used my gift a bit to help it along.

What else could I do?

Clearly it was no longer safe for me to remain trapped with Cain. I needed to learn more of the connection between him and Lissa. Otherwise I would have never been brought here. I was inexorably drawn to true love, fly to sap. And now I had broken the most important of all rules by getting involved.

Every time I thought of Lissa, I saw the blood in her hands and the hopelessness in her eyes and felt like I was dying all over again. This is why Cain’s gentleness affected me so, why I was the worst of people for savoring it while I could.

Cain did his best to joke and ease the awkward tension between us. His favorite and most annoying method were the endless sea of questions he plucked from me.

“Are you sick, Rona?” he asked me over breakfast.

I told him the truth, not imagining how confusing my answer sounded. “I am cursed.”

He pondered this through our first three games of cards. Even as he told me more stories about the club and his childhood by the sea I knew he was thinking of it.

At least he is giving you the answers you were looking for, my inner voice taunted.

Still, I learned how much he loved working on boats and how much he missed surfing the Atlantic waves. In my mind I could so clearly see him at one within the crest of a wave.

“You have to imagine power behind it, Rona. You can’t predict it. One minute you could be flying and the next you’re crushed,” he said.

After lunch he struggled with himself before asking, “You know my shaving mirror, the one in the shower?”

I peered up at him and willed the numbness to remain with me. Feelings were too dangerous to tamper with now and he mustn't see my nervousness.

“Well, did you know it’s broken? It shattered all over the floor when you fell in. The glass was covered in blood. But I didn't see any on you or any glass sticking out of your hands.”

“Sorry about your mirror,” I offered lamely.

“Why didn’t you get cut? Nobody falls on glass and comes out without a scratch.”

There was more behind his words, I sensed, a building need for things I should not tell him. I was certain then he had seen the shifting colors trapped within my skin.

“I don’t bleed,” I finally said and instantly regretted it.

With a quick rub of his hand through his unwashed hair he sighed. His eyes were blue as the emerald sea when they slowly rose to meet mine.

I suppressed a sigh as I closed my eyes and reluctantly opened myself to his emotions. Wild, untamed anger underlay the overwhelming love in his heart. My breath began to pick up in time with the images of high mountainous waves and tempests and when I tried to cut the connection, they pushed back even harder against mine.

This was new and somewhat frightening. I was unused to losing a battle of wills with any human. Instead of breaking the link, I felt another wave of desire and ageless longing, so strange for one so young, so new. I shuddered and drank deeply from his hidden feelings, unable to help myself enjoy what I hadn’t in ages. And what unsettled me most was, I could not tell whether this love was meant for me or her.

I opened my eyes abruptly and stood, too afraid to look into his eyes. I was too afraid he would see and somehow know what I had just done. I moved to stand by the window, then brushed aside the curtain and pressed my palm to the glass. Its coolness helped to numb my thoughts and slow the rapid beat of my heart.

How could you have been so stupid? I wanted to scream at myself for giving into the temptation to feed off his feelings. Now all my carefulness, all my efforts to squash away my weakness for their sakes had failed. In wonder I watched the heat from my hands thaw the window frost. My breath billowed in an opaque filmy layer around it.

The sun was coming back again, high above the snow clouds, though not as quickly as I had called for it. I could not control the weather like the Maker, only petition its actions. But I could manipulate circumstances to protect what must be protected at all costs. If I was going to protect Lissa and Cain’s love, the sun must come, I reasoned. 

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_______ Mondays!

Hey there peeps :) 
A few quick updates: More swag from Naj has been coming in so things are coming together for that giveaway I'd mentioned!
Revisions on Stay are going well. It's been hard to make myself sit down and work on it, though I know this draft desperately needs it. I'll be adding more quotes in the near future. 
As for the Heaven's Edge series, I'm still writing Ohre and hoping for inspiration and then it's off to be edited. And, Naj because of her awesomeness is working hard on a new cover for Qeya! If you haven't read it you should check it out soon here:

Kay that's everything on the writing front. 

Within the next few days I'm going to be posting an interview with the fantabulous author, Jodie Pierce! It's my first author interview on this blog so be sure to stay tuned and check it out.

Now for some fun :)

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Swag and other Goodies!

Sometimes you get lucky with the people you come across. I consider it divine providence that led me to Najla Qamber. She's got to be the best designer out there, IMHO. If you don't believe me, check out her site and find out for yourself! Not only has she designed all my cover art thus far, but she's one of the sweetest, most genuine people you could hope to work with. She works with you to reach that finished product with enduring patience. (I might be a little picky thanks to my artistic sensibilities lol) 

I've shown y'all bits and glimpses of the awesome Swag she made for Silver Hollow and I thought you'd enjoy seeing it in full, or collage to be more exact. 

If you're one of the lucky ones within the next few months, you just might get some of these for yourself! I'm planning on hosting a giveaway this coming month and offering through other blogs a chance to win a free copy of SH + Swag. So stay tuned for more info on giveaways and the like! 

And please leave a comment and tell me and the awesome possum Naj what you think of her designs!

Later gators,


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Stay: Quotes

It's Wednesday folks and that means we're half way through the end of the week!
While working on Stay, I've been looking for inspiration all over the place. Last night I just had the urge to sketch and managed to get the spark I was missing to continue with the story.
Revising is hard sometimes, especially on a piece you've worked sporadically on for six months. But I'm loving it so far and can't wait to share with y'all the end result.

In honor of Stay and it's journey to publication, I'm going to start posting some quotes. I took these from interviews I sent out to around three dozen women, asking them about that age old obsession: LOVE.

Hope you stay tuned to hear the latest.

“It’s more of two puzzle pieces coming together to make the whole picture...”

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Tuesday Teaser!

Tweaking the curtain’s layer aside, I watched the storm blanket the outside world in a snow so fine it floated like flour. Here I could almost feel the cold again, rattling against the glass and crawling across it in icy patterns.

Cain had yet to emerge and as I waited and watched the storm ensue, I was evermore convinced of the solidity of my curse. What better punishment could he have given me, really? To be forced to remain inside this enclosed space with a man who wore his face? Cain could never know what torture this was for me.

He should never have seen you in the first place…

Taking my lower lip between my teeth to bite back the sudden chill, I wrapped my arms about my chest. It was still too cold. I was cold and determined to find the cure for my current weakness. If Cain did not look the mirror image of Seid then I wouldn’t be so distracted, off balance. How much easier it was to forget humanity but how much simpler the job? I could be rid of Cain and the terrible reminders of my past he wore like a mask.

Behind me the radio crackled into life and I listened to its low electric hum. Without turning I knew he was there, turning the old knobs and adjusting the volume. Buzzing gave way to a monotone voice on the radio, spouting off facts about the weather that I could have already told Cain about.

Touching my chin to my shoulder, I watched him leaned forward in concentration. Water matted his black hair into spikes and peppered his skin with a fresh sheen. If I shut my eyes, I could almost see the one who bound me, his smile bright as the white sun as he emerged from our latest dip in the sea. 

I fought the sudden urge to bury my face in Cain's chest and run my fingers through that hair. 

He's not Seid...

Happy New Year!

May your year be filled with thrills, chills and relatively few spills ;)
This year look forward to more reviews, more releases and the occasional interview ;)
Thanks to everyone for your support, my first year as an independent professional!