Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Teaser!

"My eyes stared back at the broken woman in Lissa’s mirror. I gasped when I saw how her orbs were glowing with every color. Her skin too burst wish ever moving ripples of pinks and blues and greens that pushed into softer violets and dusky orange. But her usually golden hair was lit from within, from root to end with a white light.
I wordlessly moaned and resisted the urge to smash the image of the very creature I had fought against for two thousand years.
I backed away from the lights and the mirrors until I sank against the wall behind the entrance and buried my face in my hands. My heart beat in my chest like an unceasing drum and the memory of Seid passed through my closed lids.

I ignored the whispers and fearful gazes coming from my sisters nearby. I was eldest and therefore responsible for their wellbeing. I was to set the example of obedience and had struggled to fulfill my father’s expectations. He lamented over having no sons to carry his fortune. I must carry the family legacy, he had said to me moments before.
I stared at my reflection in the mirror, the braids and flowers my sisters had helped arrange with mother’s combs. The coal lining my eyes brought out their almost violet shade, another one of my odd features that marked me apart from my dark featured sisters.
I ignored their whispers now. A wedge had been driven between us that could not be undone. They had spied on us, on Seid and I, on our special place. Telling father had been the worst of all choices they could have made. They did not know this yet. They were younger and since mother’s death I sheltered them much.
Now I had no choice but to join with my newly proclaimed husband. What would Seid think? Was he watching even now? Did he know? I longed for the peace I felt in his presence, in his touch. Why did nothing make sense apart from him?
Father suddenly appeared in our rooms and my sisters all bowed low in fear and subjection. His gaze met mine through the mirror. “Come,” he said in that harsh, scathing tone he had begun to use recently. The steel behind his pale eyes might have terrified me more if I had not known the Storm Maker himself.
I followed my father, my sisters trailing behind me, as one going to her funeral. I would never go to our secret place again, I told my rebellious heart. I was going to be a dutiful wife and help manage his estate, as mother taught me. I would never see Seid again for his sake. I made him weaker, he had said, after all. He was not meant to be grounded but wild as the winds over the waters. This was the only way.

If I had known my husband would be dead in less than two days’ time, I never would have agreed to father’s demands. Seid’s weakness was greater than he or I knew. His love transformed into a jealous, dangerous monster when he realized what I had done. To him, I had betrayed everything. He had already tried to save me from my father and the man to be my husband before. He had vowed to destroy them all and held back his fury for my sake.
My husband paid with his life. I never was allowed to see my father and sisters, to learn what happened to them after. For many bitter years I believed Seid had killed them as well. But time softens as much as it hardens some."


  1. hello jen, I saw you in Blogaholic and a birthday gift for you is that I'm nominating your inspiring blog for the versatile blogger award see it here

    Hope you can keep in touch, btw im a new follower


    1. Hey CHi! Thank you so much for nominating me! It means so much that someone out there finds this blog inspirational. My biggest hope is that it inspires other people to follow their dreams :)
      I'll gladly keep in touch and can't wait to check out the Versatile Blogger Award you mentioned.
      Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

      Jenn :)

  2. Jennifer,
    I'd be interested in hosting you and your books on my blog. Would love for you to do the same. Please contact me and let me know if you are interested: www.thevampirequeen1@gmail.com
    Keep Writing!
    Jodie Pierce

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