Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Silver Hollow Tour Stop #7

Instead of the traditional outline, I wrote little snippets about characters and people/places. Here's a few about Wenderdowne. ;)

The people
: each holds unique gifts like the “angel” of her invention. They are forbidden contact with the outside world and only go into the cities for specific reasons. To protect their own interests and the interests of their own kind.

But his people/her people are not angels. They are uncertain of what or who they are exactly though some hold to different theories. Legends have come from them however, legends of the Fae, the Underground and Sidhe. There used to be more of them though they were never a large people and now they are few, isolated.

Amie’s father always craved the temptations of the outside world. He was fascinated with their culture and constantly snuck out against the rules of the Council and the watch of his much older brother Henry. It was when he learned too much about inner dealings of the Council and humans that he decided to run away. Got mixed up in some crummy deal that put a price on his head. Part of the mystery is finding out just what her father did.

Side Note: Something semi-funny is Uncle Henry could, being more knowledgeable about the outside world than most could let her know that their people are the inspiration for Tolkien’s great works and such.

Their life lines are very long. It is difficult to tell their ages from person to person. Depending on the purity of their blood and the fullness of their power, one of their oldest can seem to be only thirty and be three hundred. For example, Uncle Henry was actually the younger brother but appeared far older than his younger sibling because he inherited more a gift for knowledge and learning than the Gifts.

Weight of the Dawn

The people of the Vale find their strengths greatest during the twilight and dawning of each new day, at its height. Their power also rests with the night. And their weakest hours are those under daylight, when they are most vulnerable.

Drustan escaped the enemy with the dawn. And because Jessamiene is half blood, she is equally strong both in the morning and night, and even stronger during dusk.

The Wenderdowne’s

The family tree is one of the oldest and purist of the families. Jessamiene Adeline Nimue Wenderdowne is the last living heir to the family name Wenderdowne. Uncle Henry never having married. The manor is a jumble of many different eras of British Architecture with the underlying base of the great House being Roman in design. Seein in the dungeons it is most poignant through mosaics and the hidden tunnels.

The Servantry

Chief driver is named Slaine Cutterworthy, a man born and raised in the old country and has seen it all literally. A simple man, he is loyal only ever to the Wenderdowne’s for a reason Amie tries to constantly squeeze out of him. He will be her driver every time they venture out, namely to the fancy estate and the big ball and small village square down the hollow.

His chief assistant is named Edward (Eddie) Cutterworthy, a grand nephew who shares in his gift and uses it to fight namely. Though he appears young he is one who ages slowly and is actually older than Amie. (shame I don’t have more time and couldn’t make him the future love interest lol) He prefers not to speak, and can only speak the old tongue most people in Silver Hollow only ever speak. He doesn’t trust Henry even if he obeys him. He’s part of a group that doesn’t want their place ruled by outsiders. But when he watches Amie he realizes that she is more Sidhe than anything else and comes to respect her for it. Where before he wanted to harm her belief of the greater good, instead he wonders how he could have thought so lowly of humans. He is the one to tell Amie of the factions of their world.

The Cutterworthy Family- all inside the Hollow know the legend of the Cutterworthy family, how long ago they lived deep within the Vale itself and their blood mingled with another race. This made them outcasts, untrustworthy to the Sidhe, though their kind are eldest of almost all others. They pass on their memories through their blood, so they remember longest, love longest and hate longest.

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