Sunday, December 9, 2012

Silver Hollow Tour Stop #5

How it Happened

At this point in our tour, I thought I would give you some insight into the writer's mind ;) 
Once I started writing Silver Hollow in earnest, I decided it would be important to keep a journal of my journey. And here is part of that first entry.

In the beginning a random fit of inspiration took hold of me one night. I saw in my mind an almost sci-fi/fantasy scene; a room without bounds and lit beneath two lovers' feet. It was the ending of the story, and all round was the memory of loss. The couple were desperately in love except they couldn't physically touch without pain. For she was human and he was not. At least, not exactly.
The moment, I wrote out and called it "Loss" for lack of a better name and filed it away like many other random fits of inspiration.
Later, I can't remember how much later, I started writing a short story for the twins, set in today's time and starring slightly altered versions of us living our lives in about eight years' time.
Playing round with a few actual events and dreams of our lives, I wrote out a "what if" story about a down-on-her-luck authoress, sunk into writing the supernatural paranormal romance bandwagon. She was stuck in writer's block and dreaming of writing real literature.
She was orphaned at sixteen, an event based on my parent's car wreck that same year in my past, only with tragic results. Amie has come to rely on her twin best friends and one of the girls' boyfriends as a replacement family.
I prepared the first few chapters, chalf-filled of our inside jokes and fun-for-me cultural/historical references.
About a month later while the three of us were staying at a hotel for a Beth Moore conference at Mandy's church, I read it aloud to Amber.
It was nearly a year later I started dabbling with it again, partly because of the twins' encouragement. I didn't think it could be a real story though, just something fun to play at.
I was still working on The Chosen at the time. And my inside joke here is that my own paranormal thriller would get published and I'd never be allowed to write anything else.
While writing this I had another idea: What if the satirical comedy actually turned into reality. In other words, Amie's almost normal life suddenly becomes a legitimate modern day fairy tale? I plugged in the ending of "Loss" and began to formulate a very loose plan.
A story without an outline has been fun to write, though unconventional. Instead of outlining events, I've only written summaries of character profiles, of places and such. But by making this world mysterious to even me, I hope to retain something new and a natural progression.
Of course you know that I'm no literary genius! Every time I stumble upon something good or great it's like seeing a black room with a flashlight as my guide. God is the One who gives the gift I believe. I always know it's His direction when it seems to "magically" fall into place.
Now fast forward to seminary. I was paired with teh truest person I've ever known as a roomie, Rebekah (Rachel Underhill) Bartley. Halfway through the semester of ten/eleven, I had something of an academic crisis. Wouldn't you know that suddenly nothing in life made sense anymore except for God and writing. Becca learned this way I was a writer instead of a school nerd academic zombie who only studies.
Problem was, I hadn't written much  she would enjoy hearing since she had such a penchant for "chick flicks" and not my expertise in Sci-fi/fantasy. To my amazement Becca loved the chapters and not only wanted to have more but learned how to love fantasy almost as much as me.
The twins loved the new draft and even Rusty (James) said, "This is probably my favorite so far."
The title of Silver Hollow actually was the title of a fanfic I'd been working on for fun. It fit Amie's story perfectly. Well, now you know how the drabble became a working novel. 

Hope y'all enjoyed that little snippet! And hope everyone who has picked up Silver Hollow is enjoying the adventures :)

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