Monday, December 17, 2012

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We haven't had an actual, normal post in forever I feel like. Mainly because I've been trying to round up as many goodies as I can for your exploration of SH. Tonight's mash up is book themed, consequently. 
As the new year is drawing nearer, I took not of my Goodreads Challenge and realized about a week ago that I had ten more to read. I was about five books behind! I flipped a little, just a little. And then I began on a whirlwind adventure in trying to catch up. 
I thought I'd share a few of the books I've been reading to keep up with the Jones's. 

PORRIDGE & CUCU is the poignant tale of Yamila—from her earliest memories of Panama. One major character is her ninety-eight year old grandfather, who shares with her the ghost stories of his childhood. Other characters are her grandmother, her parents, and her brother.-from Goodreads blurb

Even though I got this book for free from the group Young Adult Reads, in exchange for review, I was so impressed by Reid's storytelling. It's so lovely when you come across an author who has a new fresh voice!

A victim of a horrible crime. 
The two star athletes that share a secret. 
And the small town that must repent. -taken from Goodreads

This was a short and frightening but awesome read. It took a while for me to figure what was happening or to guess where the story was headed but I caught on quick after. And was very impressed by Lefeve's storytelling. And YAY best of all? A sequel is coming!

A Handsome Frontiersman, Mysterious Scots-Irish Woman, Bearwalking Shawnee Warrior, Dark Secret, Pulsing Romance...The Bearwalker's Daughter-taken from Goodreads

That summary about sums it up in a nutshell lol. This is one awesome read for any fans of historical romance and Native American/Scots-Irish heritage!


This novelette series has so far been super fun and campy and occasionally chilling. And so helped me fill my quota!

"Master storyteller Jane Yolen (Owl Moon, Sword of the Rightful King) and celebrated fantasy artist Rebecca Guay (Swamp Thing, Magic: The Gathering) weave a textured and lyrical tale of adventure, homelands, and heroism the hard way.Two hundred years ago, humans drove the dragons from the islands of May. Now, the last of the dragons rises to wreak havoc anew -- with only a healer's daughter and a kite-flying would-be hero standing in its way."-taken from Goodreads blurb

I adored this book! Having never read a graphic novel, it was a first rate introduction into a very interesting storytelling medium. A must read for any fantasy fan!

Etta Fleming doesn’t know she was meant to return to her true reality four years ago. After years of being the “orphan girl” in the alternate world she grew up in, she’s finally carved a niche for herself with a great job, a steady boyfriend, and a best friend by her side. 

Undeterred by the shift in the timeline, it is up to Cooper Everett and his friends to convince Etta that she is still destined to become their leader, fighting against their post-apocalyptic future.

Will meeting the ghosts of her past convince Etta that she’s part of a grander destiny? Or will her past, present, and future worlds collide? -taken from Goodreads

I love Lefeve's time traveler series. Or I should say, parallel universes and all over the place series lol. Only read this if you want entertainment, good fun, and a lot of mind twisting plot curves. 

Hope you've enjoyed sharing this journey with me. Now go and check out these awesome books. You know you want to... ;)

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