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Meet Dearg

"There is power in a name. Most of us don't give our true names freely."-Silver Hollow
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Today I'm enjoying the quiet peace that comes from little to no outside interruptions. Just the simple words on the screen, the occasional discoveries of little gems such as these, and a long session of revision ahead. :) 

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SH: Character Profiles: AMIE

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“It would be nice to report she lived happily ever after till the end of her days. But such cheap, cop-out one-liners belong to other uncomplicated fairy tales.” -Silver Hollow

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shannon Hale's "Austenland!"

Austenland at last!!!

I fell in love with Shannon Hale's writing through "The Goose Girl," but "Austenland" was the one that really sold me. So far the cast looks perfect and I can only hope that the sequel, "Midnight in Austenland," (my fav of the two) will be brought to life quickly after this!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quote of the Day

“Love is not the absence of logic

but logic examined and recalculated

heated and curved to fit

inside the contours of the heart” 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Time Is Here!

Christmas time is here! 
At the moment I am so exhausted already and I know you lot can commiserate!
Brief bit of news, Silver Hollow's bookmarks are done and ready for print, thanks to the loverly Naj! 
Hang in there peeps and just in case I don't get the chance, Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Teaser!

"My eyes stared back at the broken woman in Lissa’s mirror. I gasped when I saw how her orbs were glowing with every color. Her skin too burst wish ever moving ripples of pinks and blues and greens that pushed into softer violets and dusky orange. But her usually golden hair was lit from within, from root to end with a white light.
I wordlessly moaned and resisted the urge to smash the image of the very creature I had fought against for two thousand years.
I backed away from the lights and the mirrors until I sank against the wall behind the entrance and buried my face in my hands. My heart beat in my chest like an unceasing drum and the memory of Seid passed through my closed lids.

I ignored the whispers and fearful gazes coming from my sisters nearby. I was eldest and therefore responsible for their wellbeing. I was to set the example of obedience and had struggled to fulfill my father’s expectations. He lamented over having no sons to carry his fortune. I must carry the family legacy, he had said to me moments before.
I stared at my reflection in the mirror, the braids and flowers my sisters had helped arrange with mother’s combs. The coal lining my eyes brought out their almost violet shade, another one of my odd features that marked me apart from my dark featured sisters.
I ignored their whispers now. A wedge had been driven between us that could not be undone. They had spied on us, on Seid and I, on our special place. Telling father had been the worst of all choices they could have made. They did not know this yet. They were younger and since mother’s death I sheltered them much.
Now I had no choice but to join with my newly proclaimed husband. What would Seid think? Was he watching even now? Did he know? I longed for the peace I felt in his presence, in his touch. Why did nothing make sense apart from him?
Father suddenly appeared in our rooms and my sisters all bowed low in fear and subjection. His gaze met mine through the mirror. “Come,” he said in that harsh, scathing tone he had begun to use recently. The steel behind his pale eyes might have terrified me more if I had not known the Storm Maker himself.
I followed my father, my sisters trailing behind me, as one going to her funeral. I would never go to our secret place again, I told my rebellious heart. I was going to be a dutiful wife and help manage his estate, as mother taught me. I would never see Seid again for his sake. I made him weaker, he had said, after all. He was not meant to be grounded but wild as the winds over the waters. This was the only way.

If I had known my husband would be dead in less than two days’ time, I never would have agreed to father’s demands. Seid’s weakness was greater than he or I knew. His love transformed into a jealous, dangerous monster when he realized what I had done. To him, I had betrayed everything. He had already tried to save me from my father and the man to be my husband before. He had vowed to destroy them all and held back his fury for my sake.
My husband paid with his life. I never was allowed to see my father and sisters, to learn what happened to them after. For many bitter years I believed Seid had killed them as well. But time softens as much as it hardens some."

Monday, December 17, 2012

______ Mondays!

We haven't had an actual, normal post in forever I feel like. Mainly because I've been trying to round up as many goodies as I can for your exploration of SH. Tonight's mash up is book themed, consequently. 
As the new year is drawing nearer, I took not of my Goodreads Challenge and realized about a week ago that I had ten more to read. I was about five books behind! I flipped a little, just a little. And then I began on a whirlwind adventure in trying to catch up. 
I thought I'd share a few of the books I've been reading to keep up with the Jones's. 

PORRIDGE & CUCU is the poignant tale of Yamila—from her earliest memories of Panama. One major character is her ninety-eight year old grandfather, who shares with her the ghost stories of his childhood. Other characters are her grandmother, her parents, and her brother.-from Goodreads blurb

Even though I got this book for free from the group Young Adult Reads, in exchange for review, I was so impressed by Reid's storytelling. It's so lovely when you come across an author who has a new fresh voice!

A victim of a horrible crime. 
The two star athletes that share a secret. 
And the small town that must repent. -taken from Goodreads

This was a short and frightening but awesome read. It took a while for me to figure what was happening or to guess where the story was headed but I caught on quick after. And was very impressed by Lefeve's storytelling. And YAY best of all? A sequel is coming!

A Handsome Frontiersman, Mysterious Scots-Irish Woman, Bearwalking Shawnee Warrior, Dark Secret, Pulsing Romance...The Bearwalker's Daughter-taken from Goodreads

That summary about sums it up in a nutshell lol. This is one awesome read for any fans of historical romance and Native American/Scots-Irish heritage!


This novelette series has so far been super fun and campy and occasionally chilling. And so helped me fill my quota!

"Master storyteller Jane Yolen (Owl Moon, Sword of the Rightful King) and celebrated fantasy artist Rebecca Guay (Swamp Thing, Magic: The Gathering) weave a textured and lyrical tale of adventure, homelands, and heroism the hard way.Two hundred years ago, humans drove the dragons from the islands of May. Now, the last of the dragons rises to wreak havoc anew -- with only a healer's daughter and a kite-flying would-be hero standing in its way."-taken from Goodreads blurb

I adored this book! Having never read a graphic novel, it was a first rate introduction into a very interesting storytelling medium. A must read for any fantasy fan!

Etta Fleming doesn’t know she was meant to return to her true reality four years ago. After years of being the “orphan girl” in the alternate world she grew up in, she’s finally carved a niche for herself with a great job, a steady boyfriend, and a best friend by her side. 

Undeterred by the shift in the timeline, it is up to Cooper Everett and his friends to convince Etta that she is still destined to become their leader, fighting against their post-apocalyptic future.

Will meeting the ghosts of her past convince Etta that she’s part of a grander destiny? Or will her past, present, and future worlds collide? -taken from Goodreads

I love Lefeve's time traveler series. Or I should say, parallel universes and all over the place series lol. Only read this if you want entertainment, good fun, and a lot of mind twisting plot curves. 

Hope you've enjoyed sharing this journey with me. Now go and check out these awesome books. You know you want to... ;)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Silver Hollow Tour Stop #7

Instead of the traditional outline, I wrote little snippets about characters and people/places. Here's a few about Wenderdowne. ;)

The people
: each holds unique gifts like the “angel” of her invention. They are forbidden contact with the outside world and only go into the cities for specific reasons. To protect their own interests and the interests of their own kind.

But his people/her people are not angels. They are uncertain of what or who they are exactly though some hold to different theories. Legends have come from them however, legends of the Fae, the Underground and Sidhe. There used to be more of them though they were never a large people and now they are few, isolated.

Amie’s father always craved the temptations of the outside world. He was fascinated with their culture and constantly snuck out against the rules of the Council and the watch of his much older brother Henry. It was when he learned too much about inner dealings of the Council and humans that he decided to run away. Got mixed up in some crummy deal that put a price on his head. Part of the mystery is finding out just what her father did.

Side Note: Something semi-funny is Uncle Henry could, being more knowledgeable about the outside world than most could let her know that their people are the inspiration for Tolkien’s great works and such.

Their life lines are very long. It is difficult to tell their ages from person to person. Depending on the purity of their blood and the fullness of their power, one of their oldest can seem to be only thirty and be three hundred. For example, Uncle Henry was actually the younger brother but appeared far older than his younger sibling because he inherited more a gift for knowledge and learning than the Gifts.

Weight of the Dawn

The people of the Vale find their strengths greatest during the twilight and dawning of each new day, at its height. Their power also rests with the night. And their weakest hours are those under daylight, when they are most vulnerable.

Drustan escaped the enemy with the dawn. And because Jessamiene is half blood, she is equally strong both in the morning and night, and even stronger during dusk.

The Wenderdowne’s

The family tree is one of the oldest and purist of the families. Jessamiene Adeline Nimue Wenderdowne is the last living heir to the family name Wenderdowne. Uncle Henry never having married. The manor is a jumble of many different eras of British Architecture with the underlying base of the great House being Roman in design. Seein in the dungeons it is most poignant through mosaics and the hidden tunnels.

The Servantry

Chief driver is named Slaine Cutterworthy, a man born and raised in the old country and has seen it all literally. A simple man, he is loyal only ever to the Wenderdowne’s for a reason Amie tries to constantly squeeze out of him. He will be her driver every time they venture out, namely to the fancy estate and the big ball and small village square down the hollow.

His chief assistant is named Edward (Eddie) Cutterworthy, a grand nephew who shares in his gift and uses it to fight namely. Though he appears young he is one who ages slowly and is actually older than Amie. (shame I don’t have more time and couldn’t make him the future love interest lol) He prefers not to speak, and can only speak the old tongue most people in Silver Hollow only ever speak. He doesn’t trust Henry even if he obeys him. He’s part of a group that doesn’t want their place ruled by outsiders. But when he watches Amie he realizes that she is more Sidhe than anything else and comes to respect her for it. Where before he wanted to harm her belief of the greater good, instead he wonders how he could have thought so lowly of humans. He is the one to tell Amie of the factions of their world.

The Cutterworthy Family- all inside the Hollow know the legend of the Cutterworthy family, how long ago they lived deep within the Vale itself and their blood mingled with another race. This made them outcasts, untrustworthy to the Sidhe, though their kind are eldest of almost all others. They pass on their memories through their blood, so they remember longest, love longest and hate longest.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Silver Hollow Tour Stop #5

How it Happened

At this point in our tour, I thought I would give you some insight into the writer's mind ;) 
Once I started writing Silver Hollow in earnest, I decided it would be important to keep a journal of my journey. And here is part of that first entry.

In the beginning a random fit of inspiration took hold of me one night. I saw in my mind an almost sci-fi/fantasy scene; a room without bounds and lit beneath two lovers' feet. It was the ending of the story, and all round was the memory of loss. The couple were desperately in love except they couldn't physically touch without pain. For she was human and he was not. At least, not exactly.
The moment, I wrote out and called it "Loss" for lack of a better name and filed it away like many other random fits of inspiration.
Later, I can't remember how much later, I started writing a short story for the twins, set in today's time and starring slightly altered versions of us living our lives in about eight years' time.
Playing round with a few actual events and dreams of our lives, I wrote out a "what if" story about a down-on-her-luck authoress, sunk into writing the supernatural paranormal romance bandwagon. She was stuck in writer's block and dreaming of writing real literature.
She was orphaned at sixteen, an event based on my parent's car wreck that same year in my past, only with tragic results. Amie has come to rely on her twin best friends and one of the girls' boyfriends as a replacement family.
I prepared the first few chapters, chalf-filled of our inside jokes and fun-for-me cultural/historical references.
About a month later while the three of us were staying at a hotel for a Beth Moore conference at Mandy's church, I read it aloud to Amber.
It was nearly a year later I started dabbling with it again, partly because of the twins' encouragement. I didn't think it could be a real story though, just something fun to play at.
I was still working on The Chosen at the time. And my inside joke here is that my own paranormal thriller would get published and I'd never be allowed to write anything else.
While writing this I had another idea: What if the satirical comedy actually turned into reality. In other words, Amie's almost normal life suddenly becomes a legitimate modern day fairy tale? I plugged in the ending of "Loss" and began to formulate a very loose plan.
A story without an outline has been fun to write, though unconventional. Instead of outlining events, I've only written summaries of character profiles, of places and such. But by making this world mysterious to even me, I hope to retain something new and a natural progression.
Of course you know that I'm no literary genius! Every time I stumble upon something good or great it's like seeing a black room with a flashlight as my guide. God is the One who gives the gift I believe. I always know it's His direction when it seems to "magically" fall into place.
Now fast forward to seminary. I was paired with teh truest person I've ever known as a roomie, Rebekah (Rachel Underhill) Bartley. Halfway through the semester of ten/eleven, I had something of an academic crisis. Wouldn't you know that suddenly nothing in life made sense anymore except for God and writing. Becca learned this way I was a writer instead of a school nerd academic zombie who only studies.
Problem was, I hadn't written much  she would enjoy hearing since she had such a penchant for "chick flicks" and not my expertise in Sci-fi/fantasy. To my amazement Becca loved the chapters and not only wanted to have more but learned how to love fantasy almost as much as me.
The twins loved the new draft and even Rusty (James) said, "This is probably my favorite so far."
The title of Silver Hollow actually was the title of a fanfic I'd been working on for fun. It fit Amie's story perfectly. Well, now you know how the drabble became a working novel. 

Hope y'all enjoyed that little snippet! And hope everyone who has picked up Silver Hollow is enjoying the adventures :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

To read the first in our tour stops of the Silver Hollow-verse, you can check out my Tumblr account here:
Keep up through my Twitter account @JennSilverwood :)

For today's teaser, I'm pulling from Stay, my new paranormal romance novel. Hope you enjoy!

Mrs. Nguyen answered her door after the second knock when I arrived, moments later. I carried nothing with me but the purple dress and undergarments and heels. She was already dressed in a black silk dress, draped with a shimmering gold fabric. It hugged the curves she still possessed in spite of her old age. And her black and gray streaked hair was piled high on top of her head in weaves that reminded me vaguely of my mother.

Her red painted lips parted over her black stemmed cigarette and cherry scented smoke escaped with her words. “Sugar, you look terrible. Come on in. Why are you crying? It was Cain, wasn’t it? I swear if that son of a—”

“Mrs. Nguyen!” I interrupted, unwilling to hear anything against my love. “It is I who has wronged him,” I said as she shut the door and locked it behind us.

For a long moment she appraised me with narrowed eyes and puffs of smoke filling the space between us.
So I told her what she wanted to hear. “I hurt him. All I do is hurt him,” I ground out in the end and dug my nails into my palm.

Mrs. Nguyen waved the cloud of smoke away from her face and strode forward until I could see every one of her beautiful wrinkles. Then she said what I needed to hear. “Can I give you a piece of advice, sugar?”

I nodded my assent and she lifted one of my clenched palms with her free hand. With gentle pressure she relaxed my tense digits and patted my skin.

“First,” she said, “let’s fix that gorgeous face of yours.”

I waited impatiently as she sat me down on the seat before her many beauty products. After stubbing out her cigarette, she washed my face. Between hard looks and hidden smiles she applied black coal around the rims of my eyes. She almost spoke while curling my eyelashes with a sticky black substance.

Finally, while lining my lips did she say, “Sugar, it’s clear you ain’t had much time to be around these people you claim you’ve helped. My advice? Stop over thinking things. Listen to Cain. Help them, sure, but stop holding yourself back. You never know what could happen if you let it.”

She finished applying paste to my lips and began braiding my curls next. I watched our reflection in the mirror and smiled as her fingers combed through my hair. I smiled at the lines between her brows as she concentrated on creating perfection.

“You saw what happened to me yesterday morning. You know that I am not human. What you do not know is why I am no longer human. I may not be able to stay with him. If I choose to remain here I may die and the thought of leaving him…I—I don’t know if I can do this anymore,” I said between strained breathes.

Her black eyes snapped to mine instantly and to my surprise, she cackled. “Good! Glad you got that off your chest. Maybe now you won’t think so hard.”

I at last studied my own reflection and hardly recognized the painted and frightened looking woman in front of me.

“You need to go check on your boy as soon as I’m finished with you. You’re wearing that dress tonight, huh? It’s a good choice.”

I squeezed the soft fabric in my hands and frowned at the bunched smoky indigo pooling from them. “We’re going to rehearsal soon. Cain’s going to play his instrument tonight.”
Mrs. Nguyen’s hands froze above me and I lifted my gaze to find her staring at me in shock. “You, you convinced that poor boy to play?”

I gasped when she came from behind and grasped my hands in hers. My dress spilled over my bare legs. “Yes,” I hesitantly replied. I already knew Cain had not played in years. But judging from her look, this was more significant than I understood.

Her sudden smile brightened my dark mood. It was with a slap on my wrist that she said, “Good! I knew you were good for him! I knew you could do what she never could.”

I shook my head and pulled my hands out of her grasp. Clutching my dress in my hands, I then stood and walked away. Mrs. Nguyen only knew a piece of the truth. She had seen the almost human Orona, who was orphaned and alone in the world, a woman that Cain plucked off the streets and fell in love with. What she didn’t see was the goddess Cain barely knew, the foolish human girl who fell in love with the caretaker of the seas. She hadn’t seen me stand up against a hurricane or keep a cave from crushing two lovers to death. She hadn’t seen me throw myself over the ones who would have turned to ashes when the volcano erupted, or brought water to the dying in the desert.

“See you tonight, alien girl!” Mrs. Nguyen called after me with another cackle.