Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sisterhood Forever

I found this kick-ace photographer through my new friend Tamara Blodgett, called Phatpuppy. Aren't those both just fabulous names?
I was recently advised to put stock in a decent book cover. Well I found my designer in Najla, who is AMAZING btw if any of you are in need of some high quality work! But Phatpuppy went beyond my expectations. I don't know what they ask in the way of price, but those digital photos are amazing. I'll for sure be looking into them for my next cover art :D.

So have any of you ever started writing something one time of the day and tried to finish it later? That's my dilemma right now. When I started this post I was in a post work daze/perky creative mood. But now I'm feeling all nostalgic! 

I grew up next door to the same people all my life. My parents built our house around thirty-five years ago out in the "then" countryside. And when I was a little girl our neighbors moved in. Their twin daughters were only a grade above me and from the beginning we became fast friends. This only cemented as we grew older, pursued different interests. We always have had one thing in common no matter what: our youth with each other. 

Some people leave your life and never return, others are only there for a short stop before getting back on the road again, and still others, the rare kind, imprint themselves on you forever. The twins are the closest things to sisters I have and ever will have. No matter how close I get to my present friends, our sisterhood is something you can't just forget.

Tonight one of the twins' boyfriends came over to the house (my neighbors, and of course I was over there!) to supposedly check on something. After taking the parents outside for a moment he came back in and asked my permission to ask my best friend to marry him...

Gosh I don't even know how to begin telling you what that meant to me. I looked him square in the eye and told him he is my brother. Over the last several years they've been dating he's grafted so easily to us, become a part of what makes us "us" that it was no question in my mind. 

So imagine lots of smiles, barely concealed happiness and joy all around. To celebrate we had ice cream lol. 

Now I'm the last single holdout of the group. It makes me think ever more of the love story I'm attempting to write. I'm not sad I'm single. Rather I feel more solid on the whole concept of love. I fell that love is something that we keep discovering all our lives and the one after. I know for a fact God is Love, no matter what other people may think or feel. Only God understands what true love really is, and only He can show us. I know true love can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It can be the ultimate sacrifice, the gentlest touch, the softest words and the harshest reprimand. Love is such a fragile but fearfully powerful thing. 

When I hugged my best friend's soon-to-be fiance, and my best guy friend, I got a glimpse of it in his eyes. I saw that hope in his eyes that we would accept him as family, the hope that even though he's certain of her affections he is also nervous too. And I don't know how else to explain it to you, but for me that is true love. That is it right there.

To the next stage of our lives twins. I love my extended "true" family ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Your Mother Was A Hamster!

Since it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted I realized it was high time I say something worthwhile! Well, I'll at least be attempting something worthwhile :)

Something really cool I learned last weekend is that my one and only favorite uncle found my blog through Google. Apparently I'm one of four Jennifer Silverwood's in the U.S! And one of them is a singer lol. I can carry a tune but, no, just in case any of you were wondering this is not her blogsite!
But I was so happy someone I knew had read this! Love you Uncle Gregg!

Kay, now on to more serious matters...

I'm really thankful to have a solid support system backing me up, no matter what I do, or how much of an adult delinquent I am ;) My dad has always told me "blood is thicker than water" and for the most part I've found this to be true.

I have finished Draft One of Silver Hollow! Yay! ("and there was much rejoicing...")

Now it's on to editing the beast. I've racked up a few betas to help me along the way. But y'all should pray for my editor, seriously, I think she'll have a conniption fit when she sees the monster I'm about to send her!

Coming off a solid year of writing I've been feeling disjointed lately with what to do next. Honestly I've never really done much of anything once I finished a novel. Before it was all about my own amusement or for my friends. Fanfiction was just plain fun because we could be so serious about it. For those of you readers, you know what I'm talking about.
But now I'm trying to prepare this (with a ton of help) for the mass market. I know we'll get there, but sometimes the getting there can seem like it takes forever. And as they say it's the journey that's most important.

I've learned so much in the short time I tried my hand at self publication. There are more ways and "codes" that come along with this racket I wonder if I'll ever actually feel like I've arrived.

A good friend of mine gave me a really good word on the subject recently,

"Remember the hard part is done. Not many people can say they've written a novel, so take the time to pat yourself on the back."
 So true girlfriend! ;)

As for any of you out there, readers and writers alike, if you ever decide to try your hand at writing then do it! Go for it! Or whatever else it is you're passionate about doing. Never be afraid of chasing after your dreams. You never know when they might come true.

Silver Hollow is in the works!
Qeya is being edited and I'll start promoting soon. So be on the lookout soon. I'll be doing my best to spread the word, but I can't do it without y'all :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's the Final Countdown! chapter and an epilogue to go!

I am currently on page 302 of my first draft of my big baby Silver Hollow. Who is this you ask?

Well she's currently been my pet project the better part of this last year, my first attempt at real writing. I liked to think my novella series as just child's play. And this is my masterpiece...

okay, hold that though...

You didn't really think I was serious did you???

(pauses to blink)

Well, did you? lol Okay I'm done teasing!

Silver Hollow is my first full length novel, currently being revamped and reread by some close friends, and me. It began as a joke really, a possible future for me and my two twin best friends and lifelong neighbors. We had grown up together, shared many adventures in the real world and in the books I wrote for them. Not that any of these high school fantasy dramas are worth being mentioned. They were just for fun.

After high school I tried my hand at writing something original, something different, something good. I'd always had the intention of writing a real novel and here was my big chance! So of course I piddled around and began about five seperate novels and set down outlines for about five more. Overachieving much?
Or was it simply because I knew I hadn't found the "right story"?

Like I said before, Silver Hollow was just supposed to be for fun. I had absolutely no intention of publication. So of course I found some divine inspiration and wrote about ten chapters in a mad frenzy. Only after I read this goofy modern romantic fantasy urban historical comedy to my twin besties did I realize I had a book on my hands.

It's not as dark as my other books tend to be, more lighthearted fun than some study on the human psyche. Eventually I'm sure I'll get a handle on writing real literature. But I'm in my early (ahem, almost mid-) twenties and this decade is all about living it up!

Silver Hollow surprised me by how endearing its characters and make believe world became to me. Ask any author and they'll tell you how attached they've become to the "people" they've spent a year with. It makes me almost understand why Stephanie Meyer wrote so many friggin sequels...

(and seriously, five movies? do we really need glitter vamps that badly ladies? send me some Eric Northman! ;)

Now I'm on page 302 of my first draft...the feeling is strange. I never thought I would get this monster project done!

Of course I've got a LONG list of revisions to make to the plot and story line, sync everything together and all. But Draft two will take less time to write and once it has been edited I believe we'll be in business!

The cover is already done by my lovely designer Najla, but I'm not going to start promoting just yet. Still there is much to do and I'm determined to make the most of the time!

A big shout out to my biggest supporters, Amber, Melissa, Kate and Krystin. Y'all have been so patient with me, answered so many questions tirelessly. And it's partly because of y'all I've come this far. And I am IN LOVE with Goodreads now. Best community of people out there. :)

Anyways, be expecting further updates and hints and teasers for this new novel in the near future!

We can start the countdown to publication by early fall.

So please say some prayers and knock on wood a few times for me ;)


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sexy Vikings

"What would you do if your lover since a thousand years back in time reappeared after two years apart as a famous movie star, and you couldn't get to him?"-excerpt from blurb

Okay so I just had to make a post so I could blab about this one. The other night I got in the mood to read something light but modern, your classic subscription for a YA novel. I'd picked up Saga Berg's novella, "Nordic Fairies" a week or so ago and had been meaning to read it.

First of all I was shocked it was a novella. I think I was expecting something more involved or longer. Obviously someone didn't read the full description carefully enough upon purchasing...ahem...
Well it may have only been a short novella but it was certainly more than involved!

Svala, the main light fairy, is one of the most interesting heroines I've read lately. Hers and Viggo's story is so tragic and addictive I sincerely hope there are at least a dozen of these short stories. Viggo is frigging gorgeous of course.

Even though this is technically YA it feels much more adult. I love the concept the author has introduced here and don't know if she based it more heavily on the Nordic tales or invented it. Either way Saga Berg is now one of my new favs! Makes me wish I was Swedish!

Check out Saga's website. Clearly here is a chick who knows what she's doing and how to do it well! REALLY COOL SWEDISH AUTHORESS

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A fresh look sometimes means a fresh start. 
If you're a woman, and I'm assuming the majority of you who glance at this blog are, then you know exactly what I mean. 


Why else do we buy new shoes, new earrings and shirts and curtains, furniture, everything when we get bored? Because we want to liven things up again! New things make us feel new and often times, much as I love old things I find myself buying more vintage just to taste that yummy freshness. 
A new friend of mine suggested I jazz up this blog here so I followed her awesome link and presto! Fresh and newness galore! 
Thanks Andrea :)

So I'm feeling particularly snazzy myself and now that I have the new cover for Silver Hollow, I'm hoping to get some wonderful writing time in! Sometimes that's all it takes, you know, something different or something new to keep you going. And no I'm not sharing just yet! There's too much to be done before I'm ready to start promoting ;) 

I hope you find your little slice of new heaven today, be it material or encouragement or signs of love.