Friday, May 25, 2012

Forge Ahead!

So I've learned some new things in the past week about writing.

First of all, it's important to just keep forging ahead.
I had this Spanish teacher in High School and every morning as we prepared to dive into the lesson she would strike her fist in the air and in a "sing-song" voice announce, "Let's forge ahead class!"
To even a literate High School student this just sounded silly to me. But I've come to appreciate the work ethics tied into that statement.

When you are frozen with writer's block and on your own personal deadline, should you clam up until it breaks free?

My vote is in!

Absolutely not! Just keep swimming! Just forge ahead even if you feel like it sucks because you never know what will come of it.

I was stuck in the middle of the third part of my novel and when I took that piece of golden advice, it just came pouring out. And here I am now at the end of the first part of the climax of my book and, oh yeah it feel so good ;)

Here is a little tidbit from my efforts!

I’m going to kill you.’ Amie mouthed to Emrys in the pause before the music began. His sharp white teeth bared into a maniacal grin.
Sick sadist you’re enjoying this…
She wanted to stab him with her tiara. As it was her entrance, dressed as a replica of the ancient royals had been enough to dazzle her guests. Now they watched on from the ring they had made around the starlit couple with adoring eyes.
Emrys mouthed back, ‘Bite me.’
All it took to tame her was one look from Henry. His eyes were filled with familial love and pride. Unlike her foolish father, Henry was here and Amie realized she wanted him there for everything in her life. Her anger ebbed along with her decision.
This is where I belong.
“Left foot first.” Emrys hissed between his teeth and Amie rolled her eyes as he led her into the first steps of the dance. Obviously they had rigged the dances to match her limited repertoire.
“You’re trying to make me trip on my feet aren’t you?” She narrowed her eyes subtly at him. The shake of his head was her cue to sway to the right, pause as he picked her up by the waist and lifted her into the air. Amie couldn’t help her gasp of delight and smile once he returned her to her feet.
Their bodies still tingled from the thrill of their most recent encounter. She was surprised after executing the second twirl he drew her closer, dragging her scandalously closer.
“What are you doing?” she hissed, hoping their voices were low enough for inhuman ears.
Emrys grinned, keeping her near for longer than necessary, “It terrifies them to see our affection, love. For once I fought against them and so I make you even more powerful.”
Amie pretended to ponder over this as he pushed her out, twirled her in mad circles and released her to twirl on air alone. Tapping into her nixy she unleashed a fine layer of silvery dust from her skin which shimmered then faded onto the floor.
Eyes wide she doubled over, hands outstretched, “Okay that was weird…” And then a new pair of hands had clasped hers. Righting herself she was turning in circles with the peacock who called himself Grim...
 Hope you enjoyed! Until next time peeps!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Werewolves Strike Back!

In the Dark leaps quickly into the world of Werewolves and shows you a side of our other favorite monster you've never met. Greyson manages to do for Werewolves what True Blood did for Vamps, gives them a fun, slightly campy yet always edgy, dark love story. It is a love letter to the wolves and fans alike, giving them the star-crossed tale this rarely realized genre deserves.

I did it again! Reviewed another novel even though I had said I hardly ever did. Hmm...maybe I should more often? 
Anyways, I felt like this book deserved a little recognition. At times it was almost too happy-go-lucky for a werewolf novel, because everything happens so fast and perfectly for Zoe's character. But trust me, keep on reading because it is a whole lot of fun!

I've always loved Werewolf stories better than Vampires. Maybe it's because they aren't so widely represented? Seriously, have you tried to find a decent Werewolf movie lately? What's the big deal? And what's the deal with them being the side-kicks and/or loser competition next to Vampires?

Underworld did a better job of letting us see the other side in "Rise of the Lycans" and the debauched screen version of "Blood and Chocolate" is better than most of the others. But I'm still waiting for something that packs a bigger punch...

Another rant:

Why do movie makers HAVE to change the plots to our favorite novels? Seriously, would it have been that difficult to hire a kick-ace CGI team to make the wolves like they were supposed to be?

Besides the point, this is why I was so happy with "In the Dark", because for once there were NO vamps and the wolves really were that awesome.
It's not going on my list of favorites necessarily, but I have a healthy dose of respect for anyone who tries to pump up this brand of monster genre.

And if you are interested, check out these amazing books!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Writer's Block

Hello to all!

(Seriously, has anyone ever thought of all the strange ways we say hello these days?)

This post is called Writer's Block because that is precisely what I am supposed to have right now.

We all know the signs right?

  1. Blurred plot lines
  2. Reading your last two chapters over and over again
  3. "checking" your emails and facebook again for the third time that night because obviously someone must have just written you something important...
My biggie fantasy novel "Silver Hollow" is at its climax, the crux scene which everything else balance beams over. So I got a little psyched out about screwing it up lol.

Goodbye good streak!

Hello writer's block!

The last time I had a writer's block like this was when I was on perpetual page 98 for like two months! What did I do in those two months? Wrote "Qeya: a Heaven's Edge novella" of course!

I used to do this when I wrote books for my friends and not the masses, hop from one book to the other. I just figured it was important to keep writing no matter what, right? Well my friends, needless to say, were a little perterbed and thrown off by my split personality writer's disorder. And I swore from then on, "one at a time babe" lol.

This time is no different. 

I've come to a fork in the road, or the two doors leading to death or life and the only clue you get is from a stupid lying frog (10K reference anyone?) 

Okay so all that being said...

I picked up another one of my little side projects that I was pretty sure would just end up being a little novella like Qeya...

Oh boy I was wrong!

It turned into something I'm kind of addicted to write, compelled to finish! Looks like I'll be pub'ing again before we know it!

Here is a little blurb:

The wave guides me upon the porch, upon the whitewashed cottage, mere inches before them I stand now upon the railing, arms spread wide. I brace myself and color fills the space between me and them. Their eyes wide with wonder, the air shimmers as though lit with a thousand tiny stars. Time stands still between us, as it rushes madly outside of the color, of the captured air. 
And the hurricane pounds against my back my body trembles with the effort. 
Yet the curse fills me once again and despite the pain, the sting I do not stop. 
Eventually they will answer when others ask that they cannot remember what happened when the hurricane came to take them. They will push the memory of me away until it is nothing more than a vague dream. 
 “Cursed”, he once said, striking his words upon me to satisfy his own anger, his fears. I will be with him forever, he says, yet not in the way I wanted. 
Always I am doomed to walk the earth, the seas, to find the others, to find love and protect it. The one emotion and joy I can never feel again I am cursed to preserve at all costs. Always I will watch and never touch. Always I will remain until I am freed. 

Desperate for more? I sure hope so!

Until then, wait and see!



Monday, May 7, 2012


So my piece of advice if your dish washing machine silverware tray starts to fall off the counter?


Otherwise you end up stabbing your wrist with a fork and typing out blog posts with one hand!

My current thoughts on my predicament? Thank you God I have two hands! Can you imagine only having one? It takes twice the time to type things out. But I have a friend who has cerebral palsy and she not only types with a stick between her teeth but she PAINTS.

So my hat is off to any of you out there who work with a disability!

You don't get half the credit you deserve!

And I believe this young authoress has just received her weekly slice of humble pie. :)