Friday, April 27, 2012

Lessons From Indie Authors!

If any of you are like me, starving struggling artists (care to raise your hands?) then you probably receive the monthly letters from Amazon or whichever online organization you're publishing with.
Half the time I'm too busy to read them immediately, but occasionally I come across little gems that remind me why I save them.

Reality Check With CreateSpace

So far I have only begun to read this and let me tell you what an eye opener it's been!
Usually I talk it up like I don't need editors or proper grammar, which I had always loathed in school. But this article and recent experience have humbled me into recognition that once again, I don't hold all the answers.

Margaret Mitchell may have written unlike anyone else and may be my hero, but fact is I'm not Margaret Mitchell!

So keep that in mind peeps, when you start pursuing whatever your craft may be. Never get a big head just because you self publish.
Some Indie authors like me may understand this tiny ounce of self-entitlement we can feel just because you can say, "I did it."

I read a statistic recently that said something like 90% of Americans intend to write a book. But how many actually accomplish it?
About one percent I believe.

Which is why I went ahead and published Qeya, even though I know it's not a thing of brilliance, just a bit of personal love. So my advice to you?

Do what you intend to do! Go through with it, even if you make mistakes! The more the merrier because there is something to say for going for it.

But once you go for it, take a hint from all the frustrated bloggers and reviewers and fine tune your craft!

Lav luv loves


P.S: If anyone is interested in reading a novel that is the perfect Indie example of getting it done, check out my latest read!

The Frey Saga

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Page 200!!!

Drum roll please....

I am pleased to announce I've just arrived on page two hundred of my big novel, Silver Hollow!!!

Ask any writer and you'll quickly learn writing a book isn't always easy. Sometimes the words just spew out of you like a possession. Something takes a hold of your fingers and you flush out fifty pages in the blink of an eye. And other times you are stuck at a fork in the road, sinking into a mudhole along the trail, unable to write worth a lick!

For two months this was the case with Silver Hollow. Qeya, my novella was born out of that writer's block. So I suppose some good came of it, and it got me sketching again.

But how glorious to finally punch out these pages! Maybe I will be finished by June, God willing!

What is Silver Hollow, you ask?

Well it's a fairy tale, a romantic comedy, drama, supernatural satire and probably a few other genres I'm too uneducated to recognize...ahem...

Needless to say I've been pouring my heart soul and prayers into this little baby. We'll see how she turns out!

And for those of you who are still clueless on the DATS of my current project, here ye are lads and lassies!

Amie Wentworth was just your average run-of-the-mill, right-side-of-thirty gal. She was a semi-successful writer, living close to her three best friends and dealing with the usual case of writer’s block.
Until she ran into a tall dark and handsome mystery man, received a letter from a long lost English Uncle and was mugged in the back end of her alley and brought back to life, that is.
Now to save her life, and hopefully retain her sanity, Amie makes the long haul to her father’s homeland. After an adventure frought with regrets and intrigue she arrives at the safe haven of Silver Hollow.
A place of ancient traditions and characters worthy of Wonderland.Where everything is exactly the opposite of what it seems.
And the commercial writer gets a fine dose of her own frenzy.For everyone who imagined the impossible and dared to dig up their childhood dreams...
 til next time-


Friday, April 6, 2012

Qeya: Heaven's Edge I

I actually never intended to start out with a novella, it just sort of happened like this: lol

I was signed in with Yahoo contributor hoping to gain experience writing articles and wrote a short science fiction story. And for fun I thought I could base it off of the first fully realized story I wrote as a kid. When I was nine and we bought our first computer I was totally into the sci/fi fandom. So it makes sense they were what I started writing in. The book was just a collection of short stories about a group of kids who get stranded on a crazy planet. 

You can guess the rest...

So when I attempted to submit the darn thing it kept coming back to me. Already a member of the Kindle world I quickly became thoroughly ticked and made my own retribution hehehe... lol 

original pastel by me!

And here it is. 
Hope you check it out! It's only .99 for cryin' out loud! Not all of us can afford to post our work for free! 
Feel free to drop by your criticism later! But keep in mind I wrote it for myself and for fun. 

Expect more adventures to come!

Najla's Editing at work!

And check out Najla Qamber's editing of my original artwork! Brilliance :) Though anything having to do with digital anything amazes me still. So check out her blog at ( )


(ooh, and p.s, if you haven't already figured it out, you can find the link in the post title!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do What?

Hey everyone, or rather the mysterious random stranger who happens upon this blog...

I'm starting this because it seems every other entertainer out there has one of these dedicated to their work. And as I am currently officially unfortunately a media producer of novellas and some traditional art, I had to add my own voice to the masses.

I've been writing since I was about nine years old, but like every other writer who tells you they're life story, I've been writing long before that. It comes from being practically an only child with artistic tendencies and an eccentric family. Or some variation of the combination.

Throughout my teens I never had much confidence and honestly far too many different interests to focus on one talent. I swear I'm not trying to be conceited! It's the honest goodness truth.
I was in advanced art classes but also competing in the school choir. I wrote novels but I also took piano lessons and dabbled with theater while it was still fun.

Unfortunately there is no degree in life that allows for that combination, at least none you don't have to sell an organ to finance.
So here I am, on the right side of twenty-five, living at home after trying on my own twice, working a job I sort of like so I have the time to devote to the things I love.

And you, dear reader are now being sucked into my not so conventional world.

Enjoy the adventure!